December 31, 2010

The Sally Fields Dream

The other night I had taken two melatonin pills to go to sleep. My mind was racing and taking only ONE of those little guys usually helps me get a good nights rest. They are life savers. BUT this night I was feeling more anxious than normal and thought I wouldn't have any trouble taking two. It's not like Ambien so I wasn't worried about not waking up in the morning or having a psychedelic episode. Every once in a while melatonin will make me have weird dreams but that's about it. This night was one of them. I also had the dream right before I woke up so it lingered the next day. A perfect set-up for a strange story.
Of what I remember from the dream was a close up shot of Sally Fields face and she was crying, sobbing even. Her face was bright red and I think she was sad because her cat died. She was pouring out her soul to me and I was counseling her. There are a couple of things that could have prompted this dream. A few nights before I watched Brothers & Sisters the show she is in (a show I never watch but did so because I was too lazy to turn the station) so that could have been the main but more boring reason why I dreamt about her. The other reason could have been because we visited my grandmother on Christmas day and she has always reminded me of her. With the exception of my grandma's hair now days (blonde-gray) growing up she had dark brown hair, big eyes and a down turned mouth. You know the kind that always looks like their pissed off when they are expressionless? Sally Fields always looks (unless she is smiling) like someone has just taken a piss in her oatmeal. My grandma does too. I can point this out because for many days of my life I've had to sit through explanation after explanation from my grandmother of how hers does this and I should be lucky that mine doesn't. (I am so very lucky)
What bothered me the most was the close up shot. It was like watching a Barbara Walters special when the celebrity is pouring their heart out and the camera is RIGHT FREAKING THERE to catch every un-auditioned tear run down their cheek.
I think the cat part was prompted by my MIL's many calls to my husband recently complaining about her cat that is on her last leg. The pooping and the eating and miserableness and the....................................sigh.
At one point Sally just looked at me with her large water filled eyes and asked me if I had ever felt such anguish in my life. But before I could answer and realize that it was a rhetorical question she went on about how impossible it was for anyone to understand what she was going through. (I'm thinking this dream was more about my real life than I initially thought)
I looked at Sally blankly in the face and responded with utter disdain and told her to take the cat out West. (Where I'm from that's what we did with dying animals. Put them out of their misery and pick up it's replacement at the local Puppy Mill on the way home.)
If you took any of this seriously you can direct any mis-guided hate mail at
Happy New Year - tomorrow!!

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