December 10, 2008

Happy Holidays?

Since I can't sleep I am going to post some new stuff. To be honest I have not been in the mood to come home at night and write about anything. I think it's because when I get home from being at work at a job that sucks the will to live out of me; I just can't seem to write about anything that may not get me fired. While at the same time still trying to be grateful that I have a job at all. (I really am grateful, I swear). So, to sum up...I have been trying to change my poopy attitude. So here are some festive pics to get it going. Bahumbug!

Here is our Holiday Card photo. I am still on the fence about it. But I have no desire to do it again so it will have to do.

This for you Mandy...enjoy!


Jennikunz said...

I better be getting a card!!!! Cute tree!

The Strebels said...

Thank you.. I love your Holiday card photo