October 28, 2013

7 Things

1. We woke up to doggy diarrhea this morning in our work room. The diarrhea was all over some books too. So those are obviously garbage now. Apparently Fred doesn't like books. He hates all books and wants to see all of them covered in feces. What a sad product of his generation.

2. Have you tried those Brookline dark chocolate covered Acai berries? They are incredible. Have I written about these before? I feel like I have but can't remember. They are my new favorite thing. As I grow older the more I love dark chocolate and for some reason it sort of makes me mad. That is totally bat-crap crazy.

3. If you can't tell from browsing The Blog, the Polyvore app is still controlling my life along with the Simpsons game. That status update pretty much remains constant.

4. I'm finally finishing up my Halloween costume tonight unless there is more diarrhea waiting for me clean up when I get home.

5. The most popular dog's human is bothering more than ever lately. He speaks to you like you should honored to be in his presence and he ALWAYS apologizes for not being able to stay and chat because he's always got something fucking go on. You can imagine the expression on my face as he's doing this. I'm pretty sure I roll my eyes at least 3 times minimum and I always tell him "Yeah,dude it's cool [eye roll, eye roll, eye roll]" NO ONE FUCKING started a conversation with you in the first place!!!! Little does he know he could not be saying it a worse person. I'm not heartbroken because someone doesn't want to have a conversation with me. Thank you for doing me a favor and not talking to me. How about you just walk by and ignore me like every other pleasant neighbor does. PLEASE! It's what normal people do here. Get on board! And by the way, you're dog is cute BUT not cute enough for me to have to stop and pet him EVERY GODDAMN time you walk by us. ALSO, my dog doesn't give two shits about your popular dog either because in his eyes he's just an annoying puppy taking up pissing space.

6. By the end of the year I'll be turning my car in and I can't wait. i can but I can't ya know? It's a very pretty nice car, just about my dream car, but I just have a payment anymore so goodbye lease!

7. I'm excited for Halloween but am sad that October will be coming to an end.

October 27, 2013

Spooky bits @ home

Cubicle comforts

I didn't go out out this year for Halloween but I did put a few things up. I made this little Halloween tree out of the hanger and some extra T-shirt fabric kind of lame but I wanted another Halloween tree like the one I have at my house. This is definitely a mini version of it.

This year for Halloween at work is going to be weird without Jamie there but I'm dressing up anyways because that's what I do.