July 31, 2010

My husband is taking such good care of me while I'm sick. He just made me the best egg drop soup. Love him!

July 29, 2010

a few more finds

It's hard to find these dishes, I'm glad I found this one

now if i could just find some place to put these
I had to get this just because it says hiking on it

A little project

Sew I needed a little something to keep my crotchet needles all together. I sound so granny like saying that. Yeah well I am old so F*%# it! I move my crotchet stuff around all over so I end up losing them all of the time. I know this isn't an original idea but I put my own special twist on it by putting the turquoise ribbon on it (I still have a crap load of this ribbon from my wedding). I found this vintage fabric at the thrift store and although it smells a little even after I washed it twice I still like it. You'll see it pop up from time to time.

July 28, 2010

Shop Update!

I added a few new items to The Shop. Check them out and let me know what you think---pupupuhlease!

I have been in a very 1970's mood lately. I switch back and forth between a few different decades, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 to present although I am rarely here in the present. I like to float around in my own little world.

I added four new Bohemian Feather Hair Clips. Two are black & hot pink & the other two are tan & white with turquoise feathers. I think this last one would look good on a blonde; it would blend in well although it contrasts nicely with dark hair. You don't have to wear them like I have it you can clip it in however you like. I was thinking of adding a few more simple feather hair clips to the shop as well; hopefully soon!


Hey, I have to use myself as the model because I can't afford to hire one, okay?
You see I love these because when I was little I use to play with the real deal (roach clips) all of the time. I obviously didn't really understand back then what they were really used for. I just thought they were pretty. They were something I saw often as a child growing up with my single mom. We had a pretty bo-ho, gypsy life back in the day. Not that I am promoting smoking pot with these beauties but the thought of smoking it up in style is kind of funny. You won't be able to get these around a doobie (do they even call them that anymore?) very well but they will go in your hair quite nicely. Think of them as the "virgin" "drug free" roach clips. Ha!



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Shampoo anyone?

Can some people not smell their own heads? I hate it when you walk by some dude at the grocery store and you can smell their greasy head. (homeless people excluded)

As a girl we're told not to wash our hair everyday which is fine and all but after a few days YOU KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO WASH IT!

If I can smell your head and you're standing in the personal hygiene section of the grocery store and instead of picking up a bottle of shampoo you go for the toothpaste I am going to squirt that tube of toothpaste all over your head and send you out of the store with a kick in the pants.

Wash your hair!!

July 27, 2010

50's house wife inspired apron

I don't fit the house wife mold very well and that is okay with me

Here is my first sewing project with the new machine. I am so excited to finally have finished it. It was so easy. It's made from a tea towel so there wasn't a ton of sewing that I actually had to do.

Weekly Confessional

I wish I had the cojones to shave my head.

I'm scared of getting brown spots. I have a few and they bother me worse than the gray hair I have.

I am also not thrilled about cleavage wrinkles. Those really suck.

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July 26, 2010

Don't mind the quilt trip

Okay people I really need you to buy something from my shop - my husband doesn't have a job!! Hello!

I am working on a shop update but the weather is not cooperating. If the sun is out tomorrow morning I will be able to add some more items to the shop. It will be very different from what is in there right now. I am really excited about it.


before & after

so this isn't a DIY before & after but it's funny
one perk to not having a job u can do whatever you want with your hair

Ty is practicing his drums in the living room. I am attempting to drowned the sound out and crossing my fingers we don't get a visit from the po-po.

Steele Days 2010

We had fun this year at Steele Days. We ran the 5k and did pretty well, I mentioned previously we both won prizes that ended up being nice bday gifts for my dad. We ran with my mom, our sister-in-law and nephew. He had it pretty easy being pushed in the stroller and all, lazy bugger. Okay so he's only 10 months but that's no excuse. I don't have pictures but if you want proof I can take pics of the medals they handed out BEFORE the race even started. Lame-O's.

We went to the car show & the carnival. They have the best corn dogs EVER. I have not found any others that compare. The carnival during Steele Days is a fantastic time to feel good about yourself. All of the crazies that hide out in their meth labs during the rest of the year come out. I am not kidding about this. Ask anyone who lives there or grew up there, they will attest to that. It's rather entertaining.

Growing up my mom drove a VW bug almost just like this one. I was really, really young. 

 Hagen & Fred making friends

 We rode on the tail gate small town style

In Jr. High I threw up on this ride all over my friend Josie Covington and then ran all of the way home because I was so embarrassed.