July 13, 2010

This isn't good for my rage

Twilight Concert Series Kick Off - Modes Mouse

Last Thursday night we ventured over the infamous Pioneer Park downtown. It does not have the best reputation (for good reason). Modest Mouse opened the summer concert series this year and we were pretty excited to go but then were quickly disappointed. We naturally showed up fashionably late which was a BAD CHOICE. The park was already completely full. Don't even get me started on the genius we stood next to in the wheel chair with two oxegyn tanks hooked up to the back of it with a lit CIGARETTE hanging out of his mouth. There are easier & quicker ways to kill yourself and those around you although probably not as enjoyable. Do some people not understand that oxygen a flammable objects don't mix? Unless your a member of al queda, it's NO OKAY!! Anyway, we didn't stay for long - well let me put it this way, we tried to leave early but it took awhile fighting through the crowd of dirty hipsters, hippies, thugs & vagrants. Okay so after re-reading this post I admit it sounds a little on the snobby side. I may have been a little hormonal at the time.

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