July 30, 2011

I asked him to smile this is what I got

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A few highlights

So yesterday came and went so fast I was left with my head spinning (literally) especially after a few death star margaritas from El Chihuahua's. I just realized I didn't post a Fridays with Frederick post yesterday. I'm sure I'll get an ear full from him when he realizes what happened or when he finally grows opposable thumbs and learns to turn on the computer to discover what the internet is. That'll be the day.

Highlights of the past couple weeks according to me:

I was violently forced to hand out 15 blog awards this week by the ever so mean lovely Vapid Vixen - were you one of them? I purposely didn't inform each individual that I did this. It may or may not have been a test. Some of you passed some of you didn't.

If you missed DIY week well you better check it out. I think my favorite thing from that week was my DIY Fleetwood Mac faux concert tee. Frederick is loving his new DIY dog toy. He carries it around the house every where he goes. He even lays his head down on it which striked me funny because I don't know if he's every done this to another toy before.

Frederick's Life Mantra

I entered Vintage Heaven and didn't want to leave. I left kicking and screaming and the worst part is that it was empty handed.

If you have a little time you can read about how bad-ass my dad is.

Sometimes I climb rooftops.

A silly story about my parent's haunted house. Proof of said hauntings.

*I'm bribing you if you haven't noticed yet. I would love your feedback if you woulnd't mind answering a few questions. It will be posted until Sunday, July 31st. I'll announce the winner on Monday, August 31st.

July 28, 2011


These are pictures of a new mega-haunted house that is supposedly opening up in Sept. It's an old cement factory. The area it's located in gives off a perfect eerie vibe. I've heard them say it's suppose to be a disney land like haunted house as far as all of the bells and whistles it's supposedly going to have. It will probably be like sixty bucks to get in since all of the others that pale in comparison are already over $20 to get in. I'm crossing my fingers that this turns out well.
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July 27, 2011

July 26, 2011

Today's Post-It Note

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes - It was a grueling task but one I managed to accomplish late the other night. I had a little help from my girl power-less (JOKE) play list which consists of Amy Whinehouse, Florence + The Machine, Adele, and Lady Gaga. It was nice to listen to Amy's Back to Black album because I had not done it in awhile. I remember when I bought that CD. It was during a rebellious (for lack of a better word) phase. I had gotten out of a horrible three year relationship that had me so twisted, I was living on my own, very single, and I had just met Tyrone. (The timeline is still a bit foggy.) Tyrone said once that when he met me he could tell I was in a bit of a "downward spiral". I asked him why he pursued dating me then if I was in such a mess and he replied ever so perfectly. (maybe I'll tell you what he said someday). Her songs remind me of that time and I remember loving every bit of that album. I listened to it repeatedly for quite a long time. I loved her honesty in her lyrics. I'm sad that she is gone, I won't lie about that. Some may think that she doesn't deserve any sympathy because of her lifestyle but I highly disagree with that. Many artists, of all kinds, out there have some sort of dark history or darkness that lingers inside of them. Some are worse than others and some are more public than others. Some have had the strength to move on and grow from theirs and others don't, for many reasons. Her music touched me in a prominent time in my life and I'll never forget it and I will be forever grateful.
*straighten (I want to try this)
* I have a silly plan for my hair (It's current state is orange-blonde-pink). I want to dye it a dark cherry or maroon-ish and the by Winter I want to be Back to Black (nothing to do with what I previously just talked about). I should have been born with black hair it's just seems natural for me to have and what I feel the best with.

Post Chicken Curry Recipe - I finally cooked this recipe and it was really good. I used a mixture of a few recipes and I want to share it on here soon.
Get up earlier - I really want to try and start getting up a lot earlier than I need to. I want come up with some sort of morning routine that doesn't involve me running through the house naked trying to find something to wear, taking Fred out to potty and forgetting to let him back in, and maybe actually putting some mascara on IN MY BATHROOM MIRROR and not in the rear view mirror in my car. This will probably have to be accompanied by me going to bed earlier which will be rough and gives me a lot of anxiety. I think this is one of those things I need to start being a grown-up on.
Take pics of the new crap I found at the new Savers by my house. Some fall items that I was excited to find.
Surprise birthday gift - I have this really great gift idea in my head for someone but I'm not sure if I can pull it off. It's not spectacular or anything like that it's just something silly that I want to try.
Update Shop - Post all of the new vintage items laying on my floor that is prepped and ready to go in to The Shop. I'm such a procrastinator you guys. I'm not sure why I think I can have my own business someday.
Wash car - vacuum up the piles of dog hair and wipe the film off from the inside of my front windshield so that I can finally see through it. I think every pedestrian downtown would really appreciate this one.
Buy Creamer - I'm still having issues with creamer. It's still all too much to get into really. But I'll keep bringing up and being annoying vague on purpose because I'm a dick like that.

Weekly Confessional

I hesitate telling you about this but clearly I'm not hesitant enough to stop typing. I'm either running out of things to confess or I have no shame. Probably both.
Last week I had a major PMS attack and with all of the cupcake failing that went on I was desperate for a sugar dose. I wanted to make cupcakes all week last week and this weekend but things just kept getting in the way like real life and my incompetent baking skills. OK, enough with the stalling.
I ate a small bowl full of powdered sugar in bed next to my sleeping husband. It was around midnight.
I prayed the entire time that he wouldn't wake up. I had a clever defense planned in case he asked me what the hell I was eating. I'm not sure what I was so ashamed of. He knows I'm a huge sugar addict. I was going to tell him it was mayo. Although now that I've thought about it that really doesn't sound any better. I mean, I love mayo too but Gawd!! A bowl full of mayo? That's disgusting and definitely worse than a bowl full of powdered sugar. Isn't it?
I'm going to walk away in shame now. I'll be the one softly whimpering at my desk all day.
{and he won't find out about this until he reads it so that day will be fun}

July 25, 2011


So remember I told you my parents basement is haunted? Well, on our way to ID one trip I was playing around with my Little Photo and Vignette apps on my phone and created this. I sent it to my mom who immediately told me I needed to send it to my dad which prompted an immediate phone call from him. I should say that most texts I send to my dad are followed by an immediate phone call because as you can guess he does not text unless he's taking pictures of some "masterpiece" dinner he made and is trying to rub it in my face.
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It was like non-stop sweat

Yesterday we went to Lagoon for my nephew's 14th birthday. He's such a handsome young man now and is about 5'9" and into football and boxing. He's in a major growing spurt phase right now (I hear it's the age, but what do I know) I'm 5'4" so you can imagine how thrilled that makes me and how even more thrilled that makes him. Not to get too mushy but he has the prettiest shade of brown eyes and the sweetest smile. The girls are going to be drooling at his footsteps in no time even though I think they've already started to.

It was so hot outside and it was UT's state holiday so the park was crazy busy too. Let's just say that today I feel like I got jumped in by the neighborhood hobo gang. I didn't even go on as many rides as Tyrone and I did when we went in June for our wedding anniversary. I think it was just the heat that really took it out of all of us. I have random shots of our family but everyone looks like miserable zombies in them. (I bet there are happy zombies out there although I've never met one.)

The best shots I got were when we were riding the chair lift from end of the park to the other. I think it's my favorite ride for the obvious reasons.
This sums it up. 

 What caught my eye were these lonely little boys riding the chair lift. There were a lot of them. Tyrone tried to say something to perk this one up but he didn't budge from his mopey state. I thought about flashing him to get something out of him but I just took this picture instead. Tyrone tried to scold me for it but it really wasn't any use I was going to do anyways.
 more lonely little boys

 My MIL and cute little niece who is fast approaching surpassing me in height as well.

Next to the white roller coaster this is by far the worst ride ever. There is no doubt that it was created by Satan himself. I can smell the bitter bile when I walk by it and it makes me shiver.

 The birthday boy is on the left. I couldn't get a decent shot of his face. These kids now days are all jacked up on crack I swear to God.

{Juggalos in training}

The day ended at Lagoon a Beach which is the park's water park area. It was crowded as well and even as stuffed in to my swimming suite as I was I didn't give a rats ass I wanted in that water no mater what child piss and all.

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July 24, 2011

Vintage Heaven

You guys. I went to vintage heaven and it was glorious. I have avoiding this place because I didn't think it was going to be all that bade on their window displays. Yes I judged them on their window displays. Plus I tend avoid vintage boutiques because they're usually over priced. I didn't end up buying anything but my jaw was pretty much dragging on the floor the entire time. I was like a chubby kid in an ice cream shop. Everything was well curated and they even had a decent mens section that kept Ty interested. It's called Decades and it's near downtown SLC on state street.

It was so lovely.
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July 23, 2011

Dopey bastard

My impression of the dopey headed ginger kid on Harry Potter.
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