July 25, 2011

It was like non-stop sweat

Yesterday we went to Lagoon for my nephew's 14th birthday. He's such a handsome young man now and is about 5'9" and into football and boxing. He's in a major growing spurt phase right now (I hear it's the age, but what do I know) I'm 5'4" so you can imagine how thrilled that makes me and how even more thrilled that makes him. Not to get too mushy but he has the prettiest shade of brown eyes and the sweetest smile. The girls are going to be drooling at his footsteps in no time even though I think they've already started to.

It was so hot outside and it was UT's state holiday so the park was crazy busy too. Let's just say that today I feel like I got jumped in by the neighborhood hobo gang. I didn't even go on as many rides as Tyrone and I did when we went in June for our wedding anniversary. I think it was just the heat that really took it out of all of us. I have random shots of our family but everyone looks like miserable zombies in them. (I bet there are happy zombies out there although I've never met one.)

The best shots I got were when we were riding the chair lift from end of the park to the other. I think it's my favorite ride for the obvious reasons.
This sums it up. 

 What caught my eye were these lonely little boys riding the chair lift. There were a lot of them. Tyrone tried to say something to perk this one up but he didn't budge from his mopey state. I thought about flashing him to get something out of him but I just took this picture instead. Tyrone tried to scold me for it but it really wasn't any use I was going to do anyways.
 more lonely little boys

 My MIL and cute little niece who is fast approaching surpassing me in height as well.

Next to the white roller coaster this is by far the worst ride ever. There is no doubt that it was created by Satan himself. I can smell the bitter bile when I walk by it and it makes me shiver.

 The birthday boy is on the left. I couldn't get a decent shot of his face. These kids now days are all jacked up on crack I swear to God.

{Juggalos in training}

The day ended at Lagoon a Beach which is the park's water park area. It was crowded as well and even as stuffed in to my swimming suite as I was I didn't give a rats ass I wanted in that water no mater what child piss and all.

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Anika said...

Ha! Those lone boys do look like zombies! I think I get all helped up on sugar, claim their own lift chair, then are alone to wind down the whole voyage... Hasn't changed from when I was little I guess! Classic.
I really love those shots from the lift...especially that first one.
Thanks for the questionnaire reminder ;)

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Lagoon on a state Holiday? You're a brave woman! It was a hot, hot weekend as well. Some great shots though!