March 31, 2011

Junk Hunt

sweet little wood addition

quail creamer

metal index card box for storing supplies

in love with this blue glass mason jar

Stoked to find these pyrex bowls - I think I'll keep these ones for myself

Just a couple things I'd like to mention

1. Don't purchase undergarments at the thrift store. I hope I don't have to explain why. Do you really want to share panties? There are so, so many reasons why this is bad. You don't have to do it even if you are really struggling financially. You can get bras and panties at Walmart, Target or even places like Forever 21 or Rue 21 for super, super cheap AND no one else's cooch has inhabited them before. These places have sales going on all of the time. I've paid .99 cents many times for NEW, never before been used panties (TMI).

2. Take mace (pepper spray) with you for the weirdos. I'm fresh out, but there have been times when I've been approached by some desperate idiot pretending to be selling something or crying that his car is broken down. Just smile politely (if you can even do that) and walk away. I've had some interesting times. Some people are just different but you never know when you will come face-to-face with a sociopath. I'm not talking the sociopaths we work with or are related to either. I'm not really worried about being out of mace; I go on Saturdays mostly when there are always a ton of people out. I went on a Sunday morning once and I'll never go again. It was one of those mornings where my intuition was screaming for me to leave the thrift store and I gladly obliged. I'm not afraid of firmly telling some douche-nozzle NO!!! either. I can also give out a really nasty side-eye too.

March 30, 2011


Come link up over at Anika's place and join the fun. Also check out the raddest things she said about me and see what I sent her in the mail.


I'd like to end this post and this entire suck-ass day with a big F-U WEDNESDAY!
Anyone else feel me?

DIY Wedding Notions - STD's

I mentioned awhile back that I would like to start posting some weddings tips to share the love of what we did with our wedding on a budget. I made almost everything. No big surprise. Most things were really easy and not hard at all and saved us and our family a ton of money.

First up, if you're recently engaged or know someone that is you may be thinking about whether or not you want to send out save-the-dates. I say go for it. You can do it for really cheap. I went a different route than what people in Utah do. Sending both kind of make you look fancy but you don't have to spend a lot of extra pesos. I sent pictures with our save-the-dates and not our wedding invitations. This saved us on time and money. Save-the-dates don't have to be sent with a picture. You can just come up with a really cute card and saying, print it out on card stock, cut it and send it out. I use MS Word for all of this stuff. You can use Photoshop or whatever else you are familiar with. I use Word because I am an expert at it but you don't have to be.

I guess the biggest money saver was choosing not to hire a photographer to do our engagement pictures. We don't technically have engagement pictures and you know what? Two years later I don't regret this at all. Although, if you have a camera and a tripod you can do this yourselves or have a family member snap them for you.

People may use someone they know who is in school that wants to become a photographer but unless you've already seen some of their work don't do it. Or do it. Again, it's all up to you.

Decide on what size you want your cards to be and find a label template in Word that will accommodate this. I like to use the label templates because the tables will already be nicely laid out for you. I start with the first box and design my card. I copy that one and then paste it into the rest of the boxes in the template instead of worrying about making sure each one is done separately. If you're a graphic design or print genius you'll have an easier way that suites you better I'm sure.

Keep your content simple, remember this isn't your invite. It's like a little shout-out. I included my blog address so that people could follow our journey if they chose to do so but that's up to you. Some people start wedding sites for there big day you can include that on here if you choose.

Ours said...

Joining forces this Summer
Somewhere in Utah
Invitation to follow
Follow our journey

Save it
Tyrone Jay
Brandalee (that's my legal name)
The Day

I printed the cards out on brightly colored card stock paper and cut each of them out. I layered mine with a contrasting color but you can just leave yours on one card. I also used another contrasting color to tack the cards together. These little purple guys were not expensive at all but if you don't want to use them you'll save even more.

I downloaded A TON of fonts from but there are other sites out there too. I like because it's easy to download and is compatible with Mac OSX.

Now, for the picture, I am going to confess that we took this in our dinning room standing in front of our computer using the web cam and Photo Booth application. If you don't have Photo Booth you can use the photo cabin or spark booth.  I made a few edits and then ordered about 50 of them online at....uhh....hmmm... It was dirt cheap to develop them that way. Costco is also another cheap place and you never have to tell a soul where you got them from.

Visit our little journey by clicking the pic below

March 29, 2011

Eats - Spring Salad

This has been put into the Franklin dinner rotation recently. I am in love with this salad and this dressing is so good. I'm sure you've all tried it. But did you know it has a GIGANTIC AMOUNT of fat grams in ONE TABLESPOON. Go ahead and take a look at the label the next time you buy it. Yikes! But I think it's an even trade off with all of the healthy crap you're putting it on top of.

Or maybe not. Oh well.

baby spinach spring mix salad
chick peas
sunflower seeds
poppy seed dressing

Weak-ly Confessional

When I can't pass a level on Angry Birds I have to have Tyrone pass it for me and that happens more often than I care to admit - till now.

March 27, 2011

Weekend Junk Hunt

Sweater - thrifted
TEE - thrifted
DIY feather necklace
Jeans - thrifted
Mocassins - Minnetonka
(I plan on wearing these puppies all Summer long)
Hand tooled leather purse - Ghana

I almost bought this girl. I picked her up and then put her down probably three different times.
She was just so incredibly dirty that I had to finally leave her.
But you could tell she was well made and really, really old.

Pretty excited about these Lee children's art prints from the 60/70's.
I can't decide if I should put them in The Shop or save them.

my thrifting partner in crime

still snow-capped

March 26, 2011

Junk Hunt - fashion related

This entire outfit is thrifted except for my socks and undergarments.
The gray long sleeve shirt is a hand-me-down. (I really hate full body shots)

vintage polyester shirt - I wear them with shirts underneath because that fabric bothers my skin. They are really warm and perfect for cold months. I thought I would go with a warm outfit this day because it snowed that morning. I'm hoping it's the last time I have to dress warm. I have a few vintage polyester shirts but they are really hard to wear in the Summer. You'll sweat your balls right off.

I know these shoes pop up a lot on here but they are my favorite thrifted shoes.
They remind me so much of jr high and high school

I love the ties on the sleeves

Gap pants - thrifted; in perfect condition I love the way they flare at the bottom

earrings - hawaii

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm going thrifting now!
Peace out!

March 25, 2011


There are two things I know that would for sure happen if we were ever to become financially well off.
One sec. I need a moment to let that soak in.
Nope. Not working.
Anyway, it's nice to dream but even typing that out seemed a bit fanatical to even pretend.
My husband is shaking his head at me right now if he's reading this.
He doesn't like me to be such a pessimistic.
I care to view myself as a realist thank you very much.
Right. Back to my day dreaming scenario.
If we were to become rich I would immediately hire a cleaning service and a personal trainer. It's becoming more and more apparent to me that even if I didn't have a full time job that I more than likely would still despise cleaning and probably never keep up on it. There are just so many other fun things in life to do. I've also come to the conclusion that there is no amount of time or ounce of motivation big enough to make myself work out but if I paid money to have someone drag my ass out of bed then I would do it. This completely goes against my natural instincts to immediately rebel against anyone telling me what to do. BUT I think I need it.
On a less related note, I was listening to this program on NPR called How Western Diets are Making the World Sick. I can't tell you exactly what it was about because the whole time the doctor was speaking I couldn't help but think how much he sounded like Nicholas Cage. I was like, Man, Nicki Cage should never have changed careers because her sure is putting me to sleep.

Fridays with Frederick

First I have to mention that this is my 1000th post. Not sure what that means; I guess it's sort of cool or super obnoxious depending on how you look at it. That's 1000 self-involved posts. I'm officially an asshole.

Speaking of assholes.

Here we have a rare, adorable image of Frederick sitting by the fire this Winter. It was his favorite spot all season long. He likes to back that thang up right next to the scorching glass to the point where our apartment is filled with the stank of burnt hair.

It's rather refreshing.

For weirdos.

March 24, 2011

todays playlist

It soothes my soul
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Junk Hunt

Tee shirt edition
I was pretty excited to find this one - I have big plans for it.

Just for fun

I was most excited to find this one. Wendover is a pretty big deal for Utahns. It's where we get to divulge in debauchery and drunkard sin when we can't afford to go to Vegas. It's only about an hour and a half from SLC. It's perfect for pregnant smokers that like to gamble. When I had a Myspace page I had this running video of every white trash pics that I would take of every thing I saw around me. It had this pregnant chick on there who had to be at least 8 months a long with a cigarrette in one hand and an alcoholic beverage in the other sitting at a slot machine. Classy! I wish I still had those pictures but I didn't save any of them before I deleted my page.

Want something a bit more interesting? If you haven't seen our home tour you should check it out. Click the pic below