March 31, 2015

2015 Challenge - Monthly Doodle

This one was a bit of a no-brainer for March. I'm working on something a little tough and have not finished it yet. I'm hoping by the end of April it will be done. 

March 28, 2015


Every time I see that white orc I see Bruce Willis' face. Couldn't resist making this. 

March 26, 2015

New screensaver

I'm going to save this photo for a rainy day and remember that even Zoey D. can have a double chin in photos. Plus, it's Snoop. 

March 25, 2015

Nail crazed

That's title is not exactly correct but I did spend an awful long time searching for nail polish to match my wallet. Yep, I'm that girl. I can't get enough of green/blue iridescent things which may have been easily guessed by the Dragon Shirt DIY I did recently. To confess, I have a bunch of different pics of nails on my phone where I tried emulating "dragon" nails. I keep meaning to post them and then I just don't. But, alas I think I found the perfect polish combo. I found the colors on ILNP and they are Birefringence and Open Fields. The first one is exactly like an oil slick color and the other is a nice green flakies glitter topper. They are pricey so I'm hoping they last forever and never dry up because I may not order from there again. I will say that like most sites the colors look much better online and you do need multiple coats to achieve a decent color payoff. 

I painted my nails so late so they are not my best work. You can tell by my cuticles that I was half-assing it. I still like them though. 

They look blue in some lights and purple in other light. 

March 23, 2015


I don't think it's an accident that Chucky showed up while searching for eyeglass cleaners. 

March 22, 2015

2015 Challenge - Monthly Doodle

February's doodle. I really need to take a better photo of this. 

March 18, 2015

7 Things (otherwise known as my genius husband)

1. Hola, friends. A consistent posting schedule is not in the cards for me. I am accepting my fate. As much as I try, life just gets in the way and it gets put on the back burner. I have a list and have been taking steps in preparations to post some shit, but it's just going slower than I want it to. There has been a lot of stuff going on in our lives.

2. Tyrone is graduating on Good Friday. I can't believe it's over already. These two years have flown by. I am beyond proud of him too. He got pretty much straight A's and had perfect attendance too. I am married a nerd and I didn't even know until he went back to school. He's a fucking math genius. 

3. Tyrone also got a new job that he started the first of March. He's so excited about it (we both are) because it's an electrical engineering job which is what he went to school for. It's with an environmental company based out of Germany. He's been training in Boise, Idaho the past few weeks but he's been able to come home on the weekends. In a few weeks he is going to go to Germany for training too. He's so lucky. It has been weird to adjust to him being gone, but it's almost the same as before when he worked retail hours and went to school at night. I've had to remember to take Fred out in the mornings and feed and water him - which I've remembered to do half of the time. He's still alive. Win, win.

4. St. Patrick's Day was a bust. First having Tyrone not home totally blew chunks because we like to celebrate this holiday. I woke in the morning and was planning on wearing my Dropkick Murphys tee shirt that I wear every year and it was too fucking small. [insert UGLY KIM CRYING FACE!!!]. I also started my period yesterday too after I already had one about 12 days ago. Part idiocy on my part mixed with my stellar reputation in procrastination the abscess tooth I had decided to give birth to a puss baby and make a giant hole in my gums. I had to run to the dentist office during work. Luckily they are across the street from my office. I was in so much pain and it literally tripled in size in just about 3 hours. They were able to fit me in and pop the damn thing with out any numbing juice. (fucking great) When I sat up in the chair after they were done the girl asked me if I was okay which made me start bawling. They couldn't fix the tooth, of course, so I have to go to a specialist to have it fixed tomorrow morning. This started the rest of the night with me randomly crying until my mom came over to save me. My dad too. Like, really? What in Mary Katherine Gallagher's name was wrong with me? I still don't know for sure. Today I feel like I have the world's worst hangover.

5. I recently had my passport photo taken because we thought maybe we would try to swing me going to Germany with him, but after much thought I don't think it's good timing. Anyways, the photo was the worst. I just keep looking at it asking myself, "when did I age that much? Why can't I use an instagram photo?" They're square too.

6. I've gone to bed around 2am more than a couple of nights lately and that just doesn't jive with my body. My brain has stepped-out on me.

7. I saw a man in a Volvo SUV wearing a cream turtleneck which reminded me of Chris Sarandon's character in Fright Night (1985). He plays the best douche. I'm positive the guy in the Volvo was a major douche too. (sidenote: When searching for a picture of Chris Sarandon, I found this blog post review of Fright Night where they talk about him. it's was funny to find.)

March 4, 2015


I never want to go back

There's only one thing I can tell you
I never want to go back
I don't want to make up for the loss
or get a do-over

I love where I'm at and all the hurt I've let go
I never want to go back
When I close my eyes I'm not lost
or wallowing in pain

I am tired inside
but for different reasons now
I am not blind by my emotions
I told you,
I never want to go back

March 3, 2015

7 Things

1. One of the last things Tyrone got from working at LHM Honda was a pair of row 14 Jazz tickets, so we went. It was fun. I forget that I do actually like basketball. I miss the Stockton to Malone days and Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Dennis Rodman. I used to be in love with Allen Iverson. I wore his shoes and his jersey. 

2. Last Sunday I wore shorts and sandals and today it looks like this. 

3. After exchanging our Ikea mattress we had some store credit to use so I took care of that last week. I got all of this crap for $30. I was pretty stoked. 

4. I had an engineers print developed of a pic I took at the fair last summer. It was only $2 now I want to do more!!!

5. I couldn't resist this little bundle of PTV. 

6. He's always a snuggle-puss in the car. 

7. I made new merch tags and "handle with care" stickers for orders.