July 28, 2009

Not too shabby

Woke up this morning feelin pretty good. I FINALLY got a good nights sleep. All thanks to my husband. My awesome husband who is trying so hard to do the best he can. Last night he gave me a pedicure and a massage.

Love his faces.
This pic is so old we didn't even live together yet. I think we were barely even "official".

July 27, 2009

A list to go along with my mood

Top ten list of Music that I don't like, or rather Hate.

1. U2
2. Radiohead
3. The Beatles
4. Tim McGraw
5. Staind
6. Faith Hill
7. Taylor Swift
8. 2 Pac
9. Indigo Girls
10. Bonnie Raitte


I feel like I'm entering very dark days.
As much as I try to stay positive, I can't pretend I'm not scared as hell.

July 26, 2009

"I am all the days you choose to ignore."

Came home Wednesday night to a very pleasant surprise left on our balcony. Our friend "the" artist left this incredible piece he did. He took the pic of a kid ridding trax and then did a stencil of it. He is so great. I've mentioned him on here before; UGLYSHEEP. Remember that name.
Totally made my month. Seriously.

It's been rough.

July 15, 2009

UGLY SHEEP @ Model Citizen



Model Citizen

Friday, July 17th

Go See It NOW!

Click on the Title Bar to see more of his stuff!

The night we got back from our honeymoon we went straight to the show that was last month. It’s so awesome to see his stuff getting recognized. His stuff is up now and you can see it till Friday.

Our pics from the show

That's one of his pieces he's standing in front of.

July 7, 2009

Take Me Back to Our Honeymoon

We had the best Honeymoon! Click on the title bar if you want to see all of our pics. We got some pretty SICK pics. I am pretty proud of them. I want to be back there. 

Crystal Cove Beach

Balboa Island

Newport Beach

Huntington Beach

Freemont Street Old Vegas Strip

We spent a lot of time on the beach. The first day we fell asleep in our clothes on the beach in Huntington Beach and got some crazy sunburns. We stayed in Irvine, CA at a super nice hotel that Ty's mom hooked us up with. I had no idea how nice Irvine was. Irvine is right next to Newport Beach so we hung out there a lot. We drove around Balboa Island and now I wish I lived there. The last day in Cali we found Crystal Cove State Beach and it was so cool. It's like an old school beach that reminded me of the movie Gidget. I have to admit I was a little scared to go in the water for two reasons: 1. There was a lot of seaweed and 2. Sharks. In the movie Gidget she almost drowns because she gets stuck in a bunch of seaweed so I kept thinking of that. I am scared of seaweed - I know that sounds so lame but I am. I am also terrified of sharks which is why I will never go skuba diving. That and the whole breathing under water thing is so strange to me. Once I get either of those two things in my head I have a hard time going in the water. The thing is, I LOVE the ocean yet it is the once thing that scares me the most. I also am scare of really big boats like ships and things like that. OK! Enough of talking about what I am chicken shit of. 

In Vegas the first night we both got to do whatever we wanted with a designated amount of cash we each split. Ty chose to enter a Poker tournament at the MGM and I went shopping. So, I walked around the strip and found the best deals while Ty was waiting to lose his money fast. I'm not a fan of gambling but Ty loves it. Our last day in Vegas we just did the tourist stuff; walked around, ate, shopped and ate some more.

These are some of the things I picked up and some things I took with me to wear. 

Shirt – Obesity and Speed – Nothing Sacred, Urban Outfitters (this shirt is the star of my shopping spree I wanted it forever ago while I was wedding planning and couldn’t find it anywhere. Low and behold it was on a sale rack for the perfect price.

Capris – BKE jeans – The Buckle (I hate The Buckle with a passion but I love these capris that I borrowed from my mom). They were so comfortable – seriously.

Shoes – Converse All Stars

Flip-flops – Old Navy

Handbag – French Connection

Tote – Metro Park

Earrings – H&M. Can I just say that they are completely overrated? I have dreamed of finally going into an H&M for years and I finally get to go inside one and actually spend money and I didn’t buy much at all. I didn’t think they were any more spectacular than Forever 21 and the quality fits the price. I’m just saying. Maybe I just went to the wrong store on the wrong day.

Tag I'm It

1.  Laying by the pool
2.  Where the Wild Things Are movie coming Oct. 16
th http://wherethewildthingsare.warnerbros.com/

3.  Next weekend – Corn dog from the carnival & Camping!!
4.  Small Town Trap album debut

5.  Seeing our wedding reception pictures (no rush Gabe!)
6.  Holding Hagen in September
7.  Finishing my book – I am currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. I haven’t seen the movie but according to a reliable source they say it sucks and would ruin it anyway.
8.  Charging my phone – it’s been day since 1:30pm. I need a new battery.


1.  Made spaghetti with ricotta cheese, brussel sprouts and roasted garlic spread on french bread.
2.  Let Fred chase the white pigeon who taunts him outside our living room window

3.  Took pictures of my pathetic puppy pouting because I won’t play with him. He has such a sad life.
4.  Peeled dead skin off of my leg, it’s been peeling since we’ve been back from our honeymoon.

5.  Finished about 80% of our Thank You cards
6.   Uploaded honeymoon pics on Flickr

7.  Looked at my work area and thought about how I should clean it up and then proceeded to finish watching CSI Miami. nerds.

8.  Watched Conan O’Brien – I am so happy to have him on earlier and finally getting rid of Jay Leno (sorry but I was not a fan of him). In college I had a huge crush on Conan – I’m a sucker for someone who makes me laugh. Tyrone is always saying goofy things – together we are the perfect


1.  Quit my job
2.  Own a home
3.  Get pregnant
4.  Bring home a Frenchie so that Frederick could have a friend
5. Blue October concert on July 28
th, I am so badly bummed out that I will more than likely miss it.
6.  Collective Soul concert in September, I will sell my body to go to this – Seriously!
7.  Roll my R’s – I’ve NEVER been able to do this and I want to so bad so that I can be a sexy Spanish speaker some day.
8.  Create things that people are inspired by


1.  Chelsey Lately – Love her.
2.  Ace of Cakes – It makes me want to bake things all day.
3.  Gene Simmons Family Jewels – it’s my new fascination. His son is a spitten image.
4.  The Office – I am sad to say that I missed so much of last season I feel so guilty.
5.  Friends – I have watched my DVD collection of this so many times they are starting to get scratched.
6.  Will & Grace – Although I think it should be called Jack & Karen because they are the funniest.
7.  CSI Miami – There is just something about David Caruso who plays Horatio Caine that I can’t get enough of (not in a sexual way). He is the ultimate Captain Obvious  - he has the dumbest lines but they crack me up. 
8.  Grey’s Anatomy, although I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons because I want to buy them. I have totally lucked out and haven’t heard anything that is going on. No one jinx it for me, thanks.


*I could list like 10 more. I’m not one of those who are ashamed to say they watch TV.


1.  Ribs, specifically St. Louis style pork ribs…mmmm [insert Homer Simpson moaning sound here]
2.  Vanilla ice cream with Nesquick
3. Crab legs
4.  Ghirardelli chocolate
5.  Baked Kettle Salt & Vinegar chips
6.  Sugar cookies
7.  Polish dogs

8.  Guacamole


*Looking at this list is proof of why I will always be a chubby girl


1.  New York (Brooklyn)
2.  Germany
3.  Japan
4.  Fiji
5.  Ireland – there is a county in N. Ireland called Tyrone that would be awesome to see

6.  Oregon (I’ve been here a lot but I want to go back)
7.  Washington state (same goes here)
8.  Mexico – Cabo San Lucas


1. Jenni
2. Vinny
3. Jamie
4. Angela
5. Cherice
6.  Mom

 7. Jeri
8.  I have no idea who else to tag. I think I’m stretching it pretty far with who I’ve already listed. Since I was tagged by Shelby I can’t tag her although if she hadn’t I know she would be the first to do it.

July 1, 2009

Is the street your urinal?

I’m walking across the street today on my lunch break and I see a man leaning up against a building with one hand up on it standing in the “pee stance”. I’m familiar with this stance growing up with a dad and brother who are major public urinators (not a real word – I don’t care). I need to point out that this wasn’t an alley or any kind of “dark” or “private” area – just right off of the sidewalk in the bright sunlight. Just as I’m about to approach him I see him shake “it” off and zip up his pants. I wasn’t as much disgusted as I was intrigued by this man’s oblivion to the world around him. But just as I thought to myself how funny of a story this would be I got a whiff of him (not a pleasant whiff of something like cologne I might add) and instantly felt bad. I started to see that he probably didn’t have much of a choice where he peed (behind the building at least!) or his mental state. He clearly wasn’t stable.


I came to the conclusion that if I were in the same situation I would pee in the street too.

Red Bull Thou Hast Failed Me


As The Cranberries whisper in my right ear through the single ear bud hanging by a thread from my ear lobe I feel myself gently leaning forward as drool hangs from the left corner of my mouth. Not far from my exhausted self is a 16 oz Red Bull that has proven to be useless this morning while trying to draft minutes from a wonderfully boring work meeting. With out much strength I attempt to fight the urge of falling into blissful sleep dreaming of Johnny Depp theatrically telling me bed time stories and serving me chocolate milk. Leaning peacefully forward before hitting my head on my computer screen I begin to realize that I dozed off and almost sigh quite loudly when U2 begins to blare and rudely awaken my somber I sit straight up in my chair to cover up what just happened and pull my ear phone out of my ear offended by the uninspiring tunes. Not that anyone would notice even though my desk is located near the front door and by a heavy traffic walk way. I shake myself awake like a dog who’s just been hit with a hose and begin once again to write the minutes I started about 20 minutes ago but instead I begin to write this…