February 28, 2011


On shipping these guys out to a new home and making new inventory tags for The Shop's new old school items I added Saturday.

Check it out if you haven't already

I just added another pyrex dish to The Shop

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Things I'm Desperately Trying to Stay the Hell Away From

I've mentioned countless times that I crash under pressure so adding another social network or just ANOTHA MUTHUFUCKING thing to update during the day makes me insane.
My list of things I am trying hard to stay away from yet my intrigue and utter weakness may get the best of me some day.
Linkeden (I'm sure this one could be important some day)
Facebook page for my blog/shop
And the twenty others that will be developed by the time I'm finished writing this.
Let's all face it I'll probably succumb to joining all of them eventually but for now I'm going to run the opposite way until that day comes. Which will probably leave me all excited and amped up for a week and then I'll be forgetting to update them just like everything else in my life.
I've been thinking of starting a new thing or weekly post where I talk about "connecting" with the "real" people in my life like actual "REAL LIFE" you know like actually FACE-to-FACE in a restaurant or over coffee. That might be fun. Although, I'll be forever pooing all over the "point" of it all by blogging THE SHIT OUT OF IT. Plus - we'll see if I can get anyone to go out with me.
{That was a lot of useless quotation marks and capitalized letters but at this point I'm not really worried about it because I'm sure I've lost any grammar Nazi readers a long time ago.}

Blog it like it's Hot

Why do I blog?
It's definitely not to make money, contrary to popular belief. I tried the whole Google Adsense thing and it didn't work for me. Plus, it's annoying as hell.
It's hard to be creative and "real" on your blog when you're worried about SEO, blog hits, stats, number of comments, linking correctly, blah, blah, blah. I tried understanding all of that but it's just not worth it to me. I just may not be able to hack it like some can, I guess, because I can't focus on both. The technical side and the creative side and I definitely can't afford to have someone take care of the technical part for me. AND I'm not married to a tech genius who will do it all for me either - not that I would complain if I were. I would definitely take advantage of that situation if it was in my lap. I'd slap a Benjamin in that glittery thong so fast she wouldn't know what hit her. The situation that is. Not an actual stripper or The Situation himself. Just wanted to keep that straight in case you were lost on the metaphor. I worry when writing sometimes that my sarcasm and metaphorical brilliance is lost on most to the point I feel the need to clarify. Metaphorical brilliance? Yeah I said it.
I commend those that do make money from their blog. Good job. I do wish it was something that came easily to me so that I didn't have to work a full time job but my reality is just far from that.
I like the blogoshphere (vomit on that word) for the most part. I like the people that I have met and love the blogs that are in my reader which is the biggest reason why I keep writing my own blog. I think blogging can be powerful, positive, detrimental, inspiring, and flat out boring all at the same time. I appreciate the relationships that I've discovered from doing it myself.
I love writing (even though I'm not a good writer) which is probably the biggest reason why I do it.
I also use it to advertise for my shop which is probably the second biggest reason why I have one.
Another big reason is that I simply love sharing my DIY projects with people. I love the tutorials that I've learned from other's blogs and appreciate their hard work in sharing their ideas so I feel like I should share mine as well. I'm not so concerned with people copying my ideas. I would be concerned if that were happening with my shop but at the same time I'm not sure what I would do. There is such a fine line between "original" ideas and people being "inspired" from others ideas. I believe in the integrity of an artist and believe that truly original creative ideas should be recognized.
{I'm starting to babble here}
I also love the venting part of blogging. I haven't done a ton of that lately (for undisclosed reasons) but I do think it helps every once in awhile to write about something and getting all out there even if you are raging like lunatic. It's like therapy in a way and lives true to my motto.
Have Fun
Move on
In short, I love the creative outlet that blogging brings for me and hope to keep it that way.
Why do you blog?

February 26, 2011

Big Shop Update

Finally a reason to keep going on Junk Hunts and buying crap! If, IF I actually start selling my vintage items then Tyrone won't have anything to complain about. I'm excited about this particular shop update since I love looking out for interesting and vintage treasures. You know I would love to keep everything I find but since I have no space for most of it and for the sake of my marriage I thought I should sell it. You know, share the love.

Check it out people!

Let me know what you think!

Some Feb Highlights

or low lights depending on who's looking a it

Working on my shop today
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February 25, 2011

mid week date night

Tuesday evening

We love Mi Ranchitos and their $1 margaritas are pretty tastey too.
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Fridays with Frederick

So this is Fred claiming his territory in the back window of my new car. It's a hatch-back so there's a lot more room up there than my last car had. It didn't take him long to mark it as his by climbing up there just short of him pissing all over it. He's a terrier so he's quite territorial.
Let me start this story out by mentioning that he is a really well-mannered dog. He rarely barks at anything and never just barks "just because". Not trying to brag or claim that he is perfect because he can be rather annoying most times. There are only a few cases where he will bark and it's either when you're playing with him with one of his toys, when someone knocks on the door or when he's attempting to be protective. I think that's saying a lot because we live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex next to a doggy station with a lot of traffic. He has the most adorable bark when he's being protective; it has a distinct tone to it when it happens. It's like a bark slash growl thing going on. I always laugh and swoon every time I hear it unless it's when we're alone in the house and then I want to crap my pants because I'm certain that a serial killer is outside of my door. There have been a few instances where he had done it at ghosts. Another instance where I in turn end of up needing to change my drawers afterwards.
The other day in the car we were driving around town and Fred was perched up on his newly claimed throne and began barking like I just described. There was a motorcyclist and his woman on the back behind us and Fred decided they were enemy number 1. We were stopped at a red light so were weren't moving around at all. All I can think of is that he was totally freaked out by their helmets or something. It was funny because you could tell they were laughing their asses off at him. He wouldn't even stop barking when I told him to shut his trap. He was so adamant on letting the worked know that he DID NOT LIKE THEM. As we started to pull through the light the motorcycle drove up next to us pretty much pointing and laughing at the fur ball attempting to dethroat them through the car windows. He would not shut his mouth no matter how much I yelled at him but it was hard to yell because it was so damn funny.
Anyway, I'm just hoping the next time there's a rapist at my door he goes in to kill mode like that. You know when the time is appropriate?

yesterdays outfit

Everything is from Target except my shoes which are Blowfish. I love their shoes because they are wide for my chubby carni feet.
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Junk Hunt - fashion related

I get a lot of clothes at the thrift store. Some vintage and some not; mostly not. Since I've been semi-banned from buying trinkets (husband attempting to put his foot down) I thought I would share some of the clothes I get. I have some vintage items that I am in the process of hemming and making them more wearable. I'll post those when they're ready. This one is simple. I picked up this shirt the other day when Tyrone and I were out the other day. It had an ugly old lady silky tank attached to it that I immediately cut out. I also found a cute little black and white plaid shirt. It was perfect to wear this day on my day off (Tuesday) with my DIY black skinny jeans and red toms that Tyrone got me for Christmas.

you can tell how awkward I felt even though my head was chopped off in this pic

February 24, 2011

What's in my makeup bag?

Usually it doesn't consist of much because most days I go with out makeup - not because I think I am a natural beauty like that but because I am lazy and don't care if I'm wearing makeup at work. But on days when I put forth an effort this is what I use. I have this friend Jamie that I work with and we are always talking about the beauty products we buy. We are both very into it. She tells me about any new things she finds and vis-versa.

If you're not a makeup person but need a pick-me-up by simply just putting on mascara that day can make you look a bit more perky. I've read this over and over again in magazines but it holds true. I love nice mascara and I splurged on mine but when I can't do that I love buying the simple pink and green tube.

Left to Right: Compact mirror, Stila major MAJOR mascara, face brush for foundation, TARTE blushing bride cheek stain, bareMinerals matte foundation with SPF 15, Cover Girl brow pencil, Hollywood Glow highlighter, Sephora liquid eyeliner, makeup bag is from Forever 21

When I don't wear makeup often I try to take care of my skin because I have sensitive skin I have tried all sorts of products and everything I use doesn't irritate my skin. The below items I try and put on daily. The Clinque facial lotion I wear every single day and it lasts forever. I just love the way it makes my skin feel; not oily or greasy but very soft and clean.

Clean & Clear for nasty pimples, gen m night repair for bedtime and Clinique face lotion for every day

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February 23, 2011

No-Sew DIY Head Band

This is extremely easy and kind of a cop-out post because I don't have any DIY posts lately. Also this isn't my original idea I have seen it on a bunch of other blogs.

Cut the bottom band off of a tee shirt. It can be an old tee shirt or one that you got from the thrift store. Since I'm always cutting old tee shirts I have plenty sitting around to work with.

Depending on the size of the shirt you can twist it in half to fit your head or not if you chose a small shirt and you have a big head like me.

I use them for running mostly - except that I haven't ran in a very long time but I think I need to start this back up again. I've worn them camping, hiking and for cleaning around the house. This one below was cut extra wide in an attempt to cover up my Sloth-like forehead.

More DIY? Yes, please! Click HERE! Remember you can always click on the banner to the right any time.

February 22, 2011


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Longing for sunshine and long hikes

it was lovely for a few days which really played with my emotions

I didn't post this last Summer so I thought I would do it now while I'm dreaming of warmer weather and trying not to cut myself the next time it snows.

If I ever become a millionaire I'm so doing the summer house thing I don't care how big of a douche bag I look like.

We went on an incredibly long hike this Summer up to where we were engaged on August 1st, 2008. It's called Bells Canyon. Some people have died up here trying to cross the water fall this last year. There was a small memorial at the beginning of the hike. It definitely makes you think twice about doing something stupid while you're up there. We did not try and cross the water fall. What made it more grueling and longer was that we decided that we wanted to try and make it higher plus we heard there was a water fall up higher than the one we were engaged next to before. I was so tired by the end of this hike I wanted to die. It's funny I feel that way after most hikes but I still feel invigorated and so accomplished.

Here it is in pictures.

This little lake was full two years ago and it was practically empty this time

all done and very sweaty

Hope it's not too long before we get to do this again.