August 18, 2010

How-to Straighten a Frohawk with the Zen Master Flash & Tron

This one is just for poops and giggles.

Obviously this process will work for most mohawks. Tyrone's hawk is a little different in that it consists of his fuzzy little curls. We call them his chocolate chips. It's surprisingly soft - he'll totally let you touch it too if you're a sheltered white person like me. He's use to it and such a good sport. Of course he'll make fun of you behind your back for it but it's all in fun.

You'll need:

  • Hair Straightener
  • Hair Clips - they serve two purposes
  • Hair Smoothing Cream - if desired, put this in before you straighten it
  • Hair Spray - I used an aerosol & pump spray
  • Coconut Oil - not necessary
  • A bad-ass attitude


Start at the front or the back - I chose the back because it takes the longest to straighten. Ty's hair is curliest in the back. His hair doesn't look very curly in these pictures and that is because after he washed it we blew it out with a brush and blow dryer to help with the process. This helps a lot! I've tried it with out and it takes almost twice as long.

Use any kind of hair clips to keep each section separate from the one you're trying to straighten. As you straighten each section with your hair straightener put another clip in when it's still hot and this will help keep hair together and prevent any fly-aways or strays. You may need to run the straightener over it a few different times or until you start to smell the hair burning. Keep doing this until every piece has been straightened.
You don't have to leave the hair clips in for very long and if they leave any lines in the hair you'll want to run the hair straightener over it again to get those out.

Once you have taken all of the clips out you can start to spray it down to keep it in place. I use my pump hair spray bottle to spray my fingers and then run them along the hairs and any strays or fly-aways there may be. You can use pomade or hair glue to do this too. 

When you feel like it's all in place then freeze it all with some hair spray. I like to finish it off with aerosol because it's not as moist. Curly hair does not lie moisture and sometimes it will go right back to being curly if it gets too much moisture. I may not have an afro but I have curly hair and know this all too well myself. I don't straighten my hair because I am lazy and I get really pissed off when it gets wet after I do. After it has been set we like to put coconut oil on the parts of his head where his scalp is showing. It helps with the dryness that can occur after it has been shaved.




that's so bad ass! Most of my homies won't let my black ass near them with any heated tools lmfao! I got the "Ali" grip...(shakey hands) lol bad I know!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Haha! That is funny! Tyrone won't straighten his own hair.

Thanks dude!

Strebel's said...

I love this post for several reasons.. 1st once when i work at fantastic sams some white guy(totally straight)came in and ask for a frohawk... I just laughed to my self.. and after he left i told the other girls.. they all laugh too... they ask what is a fro hawk a fohawk with a perm... lol so this was good hair humor for me..

next point.. the step by step photos.. lol i loved it...

and last but i think my favorite is the last totally
looks like he is pouting or has his lip pierced it a huge something in ti.. but it just the water spout to the tub.. lol

thanks for sharing it made me smile

Kristen said...

*hangs head in shame* I am a sheltered white girl from the upper Midwest. I had to read the post before I figured out what a frohawk is.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed this as much as we did. We have a lot of fun together. I just think I had straightened that damn thing so many times that it deserved a tutorial. Now if I could just get him to figure out how to do it himself because I am not okay with getting up every morning to do this before work.


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