August 12, 2010

Last night

We ventured over to the thrift store last night and found a few things

Hell literally froze over last night because Tyrone actually let me buy him a shirt and he didn't even cringe once or complain about the smell. I couldn't even trick him with disgusting stories about people wiping their boogers on the shirt. Which may or may not have been true. I'm so proud of him. We both found uniform shirts, his is navy with long sleeves and mine is red with short sleeves. I also found some cute fabric with little red hearts on it. What is going on with me that I would actually purchase something with little red hearts on it?
tried buying this until Ty threatened divorce - he doesn't know who he is threatening
whoever purchases this is one sick individual

Last week I found this really old bag and it was only 1.99 but it is now falling apart. I need a nice large brown bag for fall. This one isn't going to last much longer. I'm glad I cashed in my 401K to purchase a crappy purse for 1.99


Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

i love that dress! so beautiful! if the husband threatened he would divorce me if i bought it i would tell him "at least i will loooook daaaaaamn good" muahaha <----- that is my evil laugh.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I love you Cherice! I can picture you saying that and can TOTALLY picture you in that dress.