June 30, 2011

today's threads

boat neck RL tee- thrift
olive utility jacket-old as dirt
whit skirt-gap, like forever ago
vintage purse-gift from my bro
motel keychain-pinupclothing.com
bloated gut- courtesy of Aunt Flow-bitch from hell

I wanted to thank you all for your support & kind words on this week's Weekly Confessional. I feel the love. You guys rock hard! I am feeling a bit better too, so thanks again!
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Junk Hunt

Love these vintage scarfs

and a silly wallet that still had the tag on it

June 29, 2011

on a walk

street art

Still love finding this face all over the city
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Rooftop memories

For weeks my mom has been asking me if I’d climb on her roof and remove the broken bricks that were lying there from falling from the chimney. She asked me to do this because she knows I’m not afraid of heights and having helped my dad re-roof it years ago (junior high age) she knew I could do it with out a problem. Even thought the entire time she would be out there pissing her pants telling me to be careful. But every time we were visiting I would forget about it. Finally, Sunday, I decided to do it. It’s easy to access from the upstairs office window. I climbed out started shoving bricks and debris with out giving anyone below any notice really. We had all been sitting out in their front yard just in front of the porch. I heard some grumbling but went on my way.

The bricks were just laying the on lowest part of the roof that is right over the porch but I decided to climb up on the top by the chimney which is about the tallest part of the roof. I was fine but realized I did have a small fracture of fear that escaped me more than fifteen years ago. Its funny how things like that change the older you get (at least it does for me). I never once stood up on my feet. I stayed either on my knees or my behind. I remember running around on that thing back in the day like I was prancing around a wild flower field.

One summer I was grounded and it was during fireworks season. I had climbed up on top of the roof and was able to watch all of the fireworks shows that each town was putting on. I’m almost certain it was the fourth of July (it’s a bit foggy). The rebellious side of me found a way to enjoy the holiday even though I was grounded. On Sunday when I was up there I found where I carved out my name on one of the bricks in the chimney. I asked my dad (who was anxiously waiting for me by the office window) to hand me his phone so I could take a pictures of it. Now, this sparked a fire under the peanut gallery’s asses watching below. I heard a lot of mocking about how I need to take a photo so I could blog about it. I’m pretty sure most of the mocking came from my husband.

“I need to risk my life taking a photo of this so I can blog about it…this is when I was a teenager and I carved my name…” blah-blah-blah-blah


And now I write this with their judging voices in my head out of spite.

At least I’m not afraid of heights.

I was thinking about the fear I had as I was sweeping the leaves off with the broom and I didn’t like the way it felt. I wasn’t scared but I was extra cautious. It made me wonder why as adults we stop doing the so-called dangerous things we did as children. I could list a million reasons why but for me personally I didn’t really like that I had changed in that way. It left me longing for that carefree, fearless attitude I had years ago.
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June 28, 2011

Weekly Confessional - zombie blogging

I'm going to get this out there now and admit just typing this is taking some major effort on my part.
I have felt a bit unattached from my blog. I haven't had the heart to be witty, honest, or even post anything at all some days. It comes and goes lately. It may be because my hormones are off again. Go me. Big up to hormones and their awesome nature of purely sucking ass.
Right now I would trade sexes in a heart beat and then try out for the new cast of Jersey Shore.
I haven't wanted to write about this but here it goes. I know I'll feel a tiny bit better when it's over.
I haven't had a menstrual cycle since early April. The first week I was late I thought maybe I was pregnant. I bought a test and it turned out negative. Now, even though I have had irregular cycles in the past I thought for sure I was pregnant because you see I'm not a regular 28 day girl I'm more like a 35 day girl so when I was a week late I was really, really late. Another week went by, bought another test and it was negative as well. Meanwhile I was having no symptoms so underneath it all I knew something wasn't right. My breasts were not sore, I wasn't bloated or super hormonal. In fact I felt great for the most part. It was strange to not even be having any PMS symptoms. Yet, as the third week of not starting had passed, another negative test, and then week number four flew by and my mood was quickly slipping. I finally decided to call the doctor and make an appointment. After asking me a list of questions he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and told me I was a tricky one. Comforting. After an impromptu examination and pap I was about as emotional as I could have been. Because we all know how much fun those examinations are and impromptu ones are even more like a huge tickle fest. A tickle fest amongst strangers where you were just thrown into against your will. A tickle fest where you feel like a prepubescent boy and 65 year old men want to tickle you. Um, no fucking thank you. I quickly text my mom because I was breaking down in the bathroom trying to quickly prepare myself for this. I have had some bad paps in the past so I was not ready to spread eagle with out any sort of back up or moral support. On a normal day I need at least two or three shots of had liquor for these pins to open up. He did make me feel good about the visit and seems to think I am fine. I even got the results of the pap back today and everything is fine. From what he can tell with out getting into fertility testing right now he says I just don't ovulate regularly. Too bad that's sort of an important function in the procreating process. He sent me on my way with a shot of progesterone in my hip and told me to call him in a week. (oh, getting a shot in your hip sucks too - those bitches hurt)
It's finally been a week since the shot and I have FINALLY started again but I have yet to call him back. Calling on things like this and making appointments are NOT MY STRONG SUIT. I hate it to say the least. He's also going to have me try another progesterone pill to see if it helps. I'm crossing my fingers.
And that's sort of that. I've had a nice time this last week with Tyrone and all of his birthday activities. Work hasn't been too much of a headache either. I just haven't felt like blogging or even working on my shop. The entire time I had off a few weeks ago I didn't do a damn thing on my shop which made me sad yet indifferent at the same time. I don't know how that works but right now I'm both sad and indifferent about a lot of things. Searching the classifieds for a new puppy hasn't helped any either. I need something to mother. Frederick is all grown up now. He can practically take care of himself. I mean, he never eats so he never has to go to bathroom. It works itself out. Let's hope my hormones do the same thing and work themselves out if not just to have a baby but for mine and Tyrone's sanity IF ANYTHING.

June 27, 2011

Today's Post-It Note



Razor blade – to slit wrists for not going through with training for the 5k I was going to do and for finally deciding not to go through with it purely because I am lazy, and shin splints.


Putty knife – to scrape the laundry off of the floor that is scattered through out the house. It's been lying around for weeks, walked over, rolled over, and used as a dog bed and the occasional stepping stool for me. The lines between clean and dirty are blurred. It is definite that none of them are fresh. I don't even remember what the smell of fresh laundry is like. I hear it's nice. I get whiffs off it when I've accidentally wandered down the laundry detergent isle. It's a nice smell, reminds me of baby hippopotamuses.


I'm thinking adding any other items to this list will send me over the edge so I'll stick to this. I hope Home Depot is having a sale.


awesome weekend with family & friends
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June 26, 2011

the party was a hit

And this is the only shot I managed to take.

Good times were had.
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June 25, 2011

MJ Forever (hearts & emoticons)

2 years today and I am still sad
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June 24, 2011

sweet teeth

Wednesday we had a small celebration for Ty's bday. We're having a big BBQ tomorrow with our friends and family.
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Bonus Fri w/Fred

I have to mention to his fans (or I'll never hear the end of it) that he won pet of the month, a contest our apartment complex was having. He's gotten all sorts of demanding (even more than usual) and requests a daily massage and paw soak in nothing but lavender and sea salts only from the Great Salt Lake.


We should have never submitted his photo.
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Fridays with Frederick

Poor bastard hates baths. I have to trick him into getting one.

June 23, 2011

right now

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Junk Hunt

My little bro bought me this vintage bag one Saturday when we were cruising the DI.
He's the best. It was $2.
a vintage coin purse I found the same day that still had the tag on it - the clasp is pretty weak

June 22, 2011