April 19, 2012

DIY Phone Stand

OK so I watch a lot of Netlfix on my phone usually right before bed and I keep my phone propped up on my arm until it falls asleep and then I try to move it to the night stand and prop it up against my alarm clock. I've thought about buying one but what fun would that be? This will also come in handy for the numerous times I spend on YouTube and taking self portraits of myself. I feel like I can admit to that guilt free during this day in age of bloggers and self-made video stars.

You'll also need a phone, obviously.

add a half inch to one end for the lip

 Now I can watch Buffy & Angel & Spike all cool like.

DIY Phone case if interested.


urban muser said...

pretty awesome and creative!

Misty K. said...

Fabulous. This would work well for my new Kindle Fire also.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

That's a fab idea Misty!

kendahl said...

Love it! I've never thought about watching Netflix on my phone, but it's brilliant. (I struggle sometimes.)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Angel! And Buffy! And Spike! How cool is that! (Oh yes, the phone stand is pretty awesome, too. Obviously, it is, because you made it.)