April 6, 2012

In My Brain {blogging hiatus over, probably}

Yesterday my mom sent one of her patented bulk texts to the family asking what we wanted to do for Easter. I responded reverently, "We could throw feces at each other. Her first response was, and I quote, "?!?!?" then soon after "U silly girl." I thought for sure she wouldn't like that. Feces and Easter don't belong together, Brandy. Don't be sacrilegious.

Thanks to these  Easter bunny photos I now have a fear of them. It's almost, ALMOST worse than Santa.

I wonder what Gwenie would name me if I were one of her spawn? I imagine something good, like Starfruit or Galaxy. (DIBS!! I call Galaxy!!!! That is so what I am naming a little girl. It's mine you can't have it!! If I see anyone has stolen that name I will cut a bitch.)

I want to learn how to breathe fire someday. There's one particular photo in this breath taking set that fuels my desire to seriously do it someday. You won't be disappointed if you click on that link believe me (found via Dooce)

I've fallen out of love with American Idol and I have been seeing The Voice behind it's back.

Speaking of reality TV I saw my first episode of this season's Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday and i am now hooked. I don't know why I haven't been supporting my dawg Arsenio. I've always had a huge crush on him growing up. He has the best charisma.

Yesterday while driving home from the park I asked Tyrone excitedly, "OMG, guess who is dating now?" His rapid response was, "Jenn Anniston and Littel Wayne." Before I could shoot it down I had to stop myself from laughing my ass off. But that would be a cool pair right? I finally responded that it was Kim & Kanye. We agreed that he's pretty much perfect for her because he's probably the only guy out there who's ego is bigger than hers. After reading a bunch of tweets last night about it, the rest of the country agrees with us too. I was thinking if you put their initials together it would be KKKW (if her name was first) - it's like a subliminal aryan message.

I now can't stop picture Little Wayne holding Jenn's hand walking along a swanky resort's private beach.

As far as subliminal messages go, my mom tweeted last night something about bikes, bikes, bikes and a 3/4 bike, which I can only assume she is mocking me and my bike with no front tire. It's been driving me crazy all day. I know she got a new bike so maybe she's just rubbing it in. IDK {eye rool} One could argue that most of my mom's tweets are subliminal or more suitably, unreadable. Boom! Snap! {love you Mom!}

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

{Is anyone still out there?}


kendahl said...

Those pictures are incredible! I wish I could photograph like that, you know? And Lil Wayne + Jen Aniston would be the most awkward pairing ever. Wth made him think of that?

Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

i'm not a fan of american idol - jlo drives me nuts. i love the voice - mostly for blake shelton. i do think kim and kanye are a perfect couple because they are all about themselves. i do love celebrity apprentice - i can't believe you've never watched it. last episode was crazy. those are my two cents.

Anika said...

Love the post, very funny. And get your knife ready for I have just sent in the paperwork to change twilas name to Galaxy. Couldn't help myself!

urban muser said...

OK, those Easter bunny photos are freaking hysterical. I needed that, thanks :)

Colleen said...

THERE you are!!!

I started out with American Idol - but stopped watching. That shit is just too contrite for me. Now I'm all about ABDC - and BGC. Actually, I watch anything that I can abbreviate.

Scary as shit Easter Bunnies. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to plant a good/evil Easter Bunny thing in my kids head. As in there's one of each... "Better be good or Evil Easter Bunny will come and get you"...that actually might work on a lot of levels...tooth fairy, Santa...

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