September 29, 2008

There is something wrong with our country

As proud as I am of being an american lately it is getting harder and harder to say so. 

Something is wrong with our priorities as a country. We are willing to fork over 700 Billion dollars to bail out idiot greedy bankers but when it comes to honest working class families who are struggling we don't do anything. In fact we make it harder for them to make it. 

After watching ABC's Extreme Homemaker Edition yesterday with Ty I was embarrassed to say the least. They were helping out a family of 15. This lady's sister had died of cancer and left 10 kids behind. She made a promise to her sister that she would take care of her kids so that they would not have to be split up in foster care. The lady herself has four kids. After her sister died and she was left to raise 14 kids, her husband couldn't handle it and left her. Left her to fend for herself take care of 14 children as a single mom. She attempted more than a couple of times for housing and was turned down. TURNED DOWN! Because she had too many kids. She tried renting to many different places and EVERY single place turned her down. They were forced to live in a hotel where they had three rooms. She's paying for 3 hotel rooms and feeding these kids microwave dinners every night because she is forced to. NOT because she was irresponsible, a drug addict, lazy, a criminal, you name it, but because she PROMISED her sister who died of cancer, something she had no control over that she would take care of her kids. Our government turned them down for housing on every attempt. She was trying to work and provide a decent life for these kids and was in need of help but was told NO. Some welfare system we have. I wish I was a millionaire and a smart politician then I would try to change it. Thank God for the people who put on the TV show and make it possible for people like this lady to have a chance and a chance for these kids who's mom died to have a HOME. A home; something most of us take for granted. We just rent and if we couldn't do that we would be living on the street or God forbid with our parents. I pray that I never come in to a situation in my life where I am forced to ask for help. I can't imagine being a good person trying to raise a family and being told it wasn't good enough and that I didn't have a right to any help. Help that I work my ass off for to pay taxes for that I don't have any right to get back when I'm in need. It's bullshit!! 

September 24, 2008

SEPTEMBER 14th 2008 - 2 Very Short Years

No way it's been two years already! 

1. We ate breakfast on the balcony and read our books.
2. Went to sugarhouse park with Frederick to walk around and feed the duckies and geese. We lucked out; not a single filthy seagull to bother us. Flying rats! Ty's words not mine. 
3. Matinee of Burn After Reading - If you're cool you will like this move and since we think pretty highly of ourselves we freaking loved this movie. It's easier to enjoy too when you go on free movie passes which we did. 
4. Dinner @ Asian Star - they have the best cashew chicken and purple haze sake
5. Rented movies Thumbsucker and The Orphanage with more free rental coupons. Thumbsucker was funny and smart. And if you want a really good scary movie for Halloween rent The Orphanage. Ty was even a little scared. It was waayy good ya'll! (apply heavy southern accent here)

Pretty sleazy dates we are... or cheap dates; however you choose to phrase it. 

Dog Lake Sept. 7th

So we hiked the 4 mile (round trip) hike up to Dog lake/pond whatever it's actually called with Ty's mom, Deb. Ty calls her Debbie Buns. I think it's cute. We saw a moose too walking around chillin and grubbin. He was very close to us, but we didn't get a good shot of him with the camera. It was good times. 
Debbie Buns
Gorgeous shot!
Ty threw Frederick in the water. We are so mean but it gives us great pleasure to do it because he is so scared of water. He never goes in it on his own free will and I can't even turn the bath water on in our place with out him peeing all over the carpet. The last shot is of him going in to the water to grab the stick I threw for him. This was a big step for him. I'm a proud mama! 
A pretty scary thing happened after the hike though. Ty's mom has little premonitions and as we were driving out of the canyon she asked Ty if he had spoken to Keith since his wedding. Keith is a guy who Ty was a groomsman for a long time ago. We were driving southbound on East 215 where they were doing some construction and the lanes were merging into two. Everyone in front of us started slamming on their brakes and as we were slowing down a guy on a motorcycle behind us lost control and slammed into the back of us. Ty saw the whole thing happen in his rear view mirror. Deb and I were looking in front of us not paying any attention to what was going on behind us. Suddenly Ty reared to the left and pulled over as we hit one of the cones. Ty said it was a guy on a motorcycle and for a second I didn't even want to see what happened. Fortunately as I ran back to see the damage the guy was up on his feet running back to us. He must have rolled a couple hundred feet after he fell off his bike. He said that he didn't have his helmut latched and when he first hit his helmut went flying down the freeway hitting other cars. He was badly bruised and bleeding but he kept saying that he was okay. We were so thankful it wasn't any worse. It was all very dramatic; there were two fire trucks, an ambulance and about six cop cars there for just us. It must be some protocol (tax dollar waste if you ask me, but don't get me started) to send all that for one car and one motorcycle. All of us in our car were fine. Frederick slept thru the whole thing (selfish bastard). After Ty had been talking to the guy on the bike for a few minutes he had asked Ty to take off his glasses and said he knew him. The guy said he was Keith's brother. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How weird is that? Ty and his mom hadn't mentioned Keith's name in years and this day Deb just had to ask about him. And not more than 5 min. later we get into an accident with his brother. 

Mmmmm Ribs!

So yeah ummmm we like to eat...

September 20, 2008

Heart Walk Sept 6 2008

Not one loser at my work signed up to go on this so just Ty and I went. We had fun though. I do have to say that the American Heart Association isn't an organization I feel comfortable supporting again. 

And for those haters of the big sunglasses, in my defense, I have to say I love them because they make my big head and protruding forehead look not so large. 

September 7, 2008


In exactly one month from today I will be 30. Ugh!

Birthday wish list:
1. T-Rex tshirt
2. Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
3. Pea coat
4. Moonsparkle, Escada
5. No one better call me old

September 5, 2008

A few things I've been working on; along with my sanity

Sometimes I feel lazy because all I want to do when I get off work is sit and watch TV. The more I think about it it's because I hate my job. I use to love it but now I hate it. In fact I just hate having a "job". When I get off work I just want to be around the things that make me happy; Tyrone, Frederick and my family. In my mixed up mind I translate not wanting to do things after work into being lazy. I'm not lazy; I honestly really like being busy and doing things with my hands, just not work related things. I love creating things. These are some things that I've been keeping my hands busy on so that I don't lose my mind. These are things that make me feel good in addition to the wonderful people in my life. I've finally decided to share them against my "better" judgement.

I'm pretty excited about this chair. My mom gave it to me after getting it from my aunts. It's a pretty old metal stool and was brown and very dirty. I knew as soon as I saw it what I wanted to do with it. 

September 2, 2008

Labor Day - Thank God for holidays!

We hiked donut falls yesterday it was beautiful...I mean freaking gorgeous! And it didn't take long at all; exactly how we like our physical activities to go. 

*Going back to work today was the worst. I just have to say that.