September 24, 2008

Dog Lake Sept. 7th

So we hiked the 4 mile (round trip) hike up to Dog lake/pond whatever it's actually called with Ty's mom, Deb. Ty calls her Debbie Buns. I think it's cute. We saw a moose too walking around chillin and grubbin. He was very close to us, but we didn't get a good shot of him with the camera. It was good times. 
Debbie Buns
Gorgeous shot!
Ty threw Frederick in the water. We are so mean but it gives us great pleasure to do it because he is so scared of water. He never goes in it on his own free will and I can't even turn the bath water on in our place with out him peeing all over the carpet. The last shot is of him going in to the water to grab the stick I threw for him. This was a big step for him. I'm a proud mama! 
A pretty scary thing happened after the hike though. Ty's mom has little premonitions and as we were driving out of the canyon she asked Ty if he had spoken to Keith since his wedding. Keith is a guy who Ty was a groomsman for a long time ago. We were driving southbound on East 215 where they were doing some construction and the lanes were merging into two. Everyone in front of us started slamming on their brakes and as we were slowing down a guy on a motorcycle behind us lost control and slammed into the back of us. Ty saw the whole thing happen in his rear view mirror. Deb and I were looking in front of us not paying any attention to what was going on behind us. Suddenly Ty reared to the left and pulled over as we hit one of the cones. Ty said it was a guy on a motorcycle and for a second I didn't even want to see what happened. Fortunately as I ran back to see the damage the guy was up on his feet running back to us. He must have rolled a couple hundred feet after he fell off his bike. He said that he didn't have his helmut latched and when he first hit his helmut went flying down the freeway hitting other cars. He was badly bruised and bleeding but he kept saying that he was okay. We were so thankful it wasn't any worse. It was all very dramatic; there were two fire trucks, an ambulance and about six cop cars there for just us. It must be some protocol (tax dollar waste if you ask me, but don't get me started) to send all that for one car and one motorcycle. All of us in our car were fine. Frederick slept thru the whole thing (selfish bastard). After Ty had been talking to the guy on the bike for a few minutes he had asked Ty to take off his glasses and said he knew him. The guy said he was Keith's brother. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How weird is that? Ty and his mom hadn't mentioned Keith's name in years and this day Deb just had to ask about him. And not more than 5 min. later we get into an accident with his brother. 

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