March 4, 2015


I never want to go back

There's only one thing I can tell you
I never want to go back
I don't want to make up for the loss
or get a do-over

I love where I'm at and all the hurt I've let go
I never want to go back
When I close my eyes I'm not lost
or wallowing in pain

I am tired inside
but for different reasons now
I am not blind by my emotions
I told you,
I never want to go back

March 3, 2015

7 Things

1. One of the last things Tyrone got from working at LHM Honda was a pair of row 14 Jazz tickets, so we went. It was fun. I forget that I do actually like basketball. I miss the Stockton to Malone days and Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Dennis Rodman. I used to be in love with Allen Iverson. I wore his shoes and his jersey. 

2. Last Sunday I wore shorts and sandals and today it looks like this. 

3. After exchanging our Ikea mattress we had some store credit to use so I took care of that last week. I got all of this crap for $30. I was pretty stoked. 

4. I had an engineers print developed of a pic I took at the fair last summer. It was only $2 now I want to do more!!!

5. I couldn't resist this little bundle of PTV. 

6. He's always a snuggle-puss in the car. 

7. I made new merch tags and "handle with care" stickers for orders. 

February 19, 2015

7 Things

1. Every time I play The Simpsons Tapped Out game I want a donut. So, just about everyday.

2. Tyrone graduates in less than a month. I am so excited for him!

3. I made Game of Thrones cookies on Valentines Day and ate just about every single one of them by myself.

4. On Friday The 13th I had to take Fred to the vet. Brace yourself or move on if you don't want to hear the disgusting reason why. 

[Waiting for those that need to step away]

He had one of his anal glands become backed-up, which is apparently really common in small dogs. He'll be 8 next month so the fact that it's never happened before is pretty good, so I learned. I didn't even know such body part existed. They play an important role in helping them determine which pile of dog crap belongs to what dog. No shit! (No pun intended) His anal gland was actually swollen pretty badly and wouldn't excrete out of the anus like it should. It made its own hole and came out what we now call his secondary butt-hole. Because of that, he had to be put under to have it cleaned out and the vet was worried that he may have had a mass because he could feel a lot of tissue in there. Luckily there was no mass and almost two hours later I was able to come back and pick him up. It was the worst couple of hours. He freaked out this time. It was much worse than when he got fixed and had his teeth pulled. He remembered being there before and the look on his face when the doctor took him from me was horrifying. His big eyes glared so hard when I walked away. It was so awful! I was having major anxiety since it was so unexpected and the looming thought of cancer was not fun to have at the forefront of my mind while we waited. I'm just so fucking thankful he is okay now and we only have to take him in once a month now to have them cleaned regularly. He's my best buddy and I would die if something happened to him.

5. My little nephew Jax just turned two years old. I haven't seen him in a few weeks and I can't wait to squeeze him this Saturday. He won't like it but I'm doing it anyways. 

6. My brain is not right lately.

7. Of Mice & Men is coming to SLC in May - I need to go to that show. 

February 18, 2015

What the Pho?

It's too easy of a pun to make. Tyrone wants to start a restaurant called that since he is such a fantastic chef especially when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. Ha! I told him there is probably a place already called that. 

I was dying to try to make Pho. I love giving myself a reason to go to the Chinatown supermarket. I researched a lot of recipes and finally ended on Old Faithful. Martha Stewart. Most of the recipes were similar. Next time I make it I'm skipping boiling the meat. I don't like boiled meat plus it takes too long. It's gross too. I know it's the whole basis of the soup but I don't care. 

I love the comforting spices used in Pho and it makes great leftovers. 

*i ended up making this again using beef stock and it was really good. Buying a flank steak and cooking it separately,  slicing it up, and placing on top was perfect.