January 26, 2015

New nail routine

I've bitched and bitched on here about how crap my nails are and I'm excited to report they are improving. For starters, I've been taking a multi-vitamin but I've also been trying some new polishes.

As you can see they are still peeling, but the damage has come along way. I've come to the conclusion that I'll never have gorgeous cuticles or be hangnail free. This bare pic is the best they have ever looked in my entire life. Even my wonky thumb nail that I tend to gnaw on like a teenage boy grinds on a sofa arm.

I've been faithfully using Nail Envy that Kendahl sent me. I'm always changing the color but the rest of the routine has remained consistent for the last month or so.

Fist layer, one coat of Nail Envy
Second layer, two coats of this magical creation called Instant Artificials 
(I try to stay still and let it dry completely before moving on)
Third layer, a gel polish or any one that doesn't chip or peel easily
(number of coats depends on the polish)
Final layer, top coat. I always go back to my tried-and-true Sechi Vite and I generally do two coats

The Instant Artificials has been a dream come true for me. It really is the star of the show here. It makes my nails look like they've had the best shellac mani without the light box. It gives my anorexic flat-ass nails a rounded form and really helps in preventing breakage. Because it's so strong, if you have the tendency, like myself, to pick the polish off your nails it can take up a layer or two. BUT because of the strength it gives it has helped me not to pick it off. My nails do not bend with it on either. My nails bend backwards all of the time and it drives me nuts. This new routine has helped with so many issues that I've been having with my nails.

And now that I've dedicated way too much time talking about my nails I'm going to go do the dishes and pat myself on the back for knocking out another post.

January 24, 2015

DIY Pipe Bed

This is not a tutorial. I want to make that clear. This was my idea for us to get out of our coffin, but I did not make it. Tyrone did ALL of the work. He's my hero and I've never been more attracted to him watching him build this. We followed this basic tutorial and then Tyrone took it from there. I was all set to help as much as I could. I tried understanding what parts we needed to get and figuring out the design to fit our mattress. Once we got into Home Depot and started looking at all of the pieces I lost interest real quick. All of the numbers and math and metal pipe and math and more numbers and did I mention math? Blah! This took a couple of nights and part of his day off to finally complete. Meanwhile we were sleeping on the mattress in the living room but we were already used to that.

It is the sturdiest bed ever. We used 2x4's instead of thiner plank-style boards so there is no bowing whatsoever. It's really hight too. I've never had a bed this tall before. Quite frankly I'm afraid I'm going to fall off it in the middle of the night. Frederick practically rolls his eyes at me when he as to jump off of it. We could fit a whole other bed underneath it. You know I'll have that space jammed full of crap in no time.

January 6, 2015

7 Things

1. I was reading a year-end resolution list that contained mostly items referring to losing weight - no surprise there - it listed all of these ideas about how to stop eating crap, start losing weight and exercising and then the very last one was "stop obsessing about weight" What??!! Here are all of these reasons to help you get started on stressing out about losing weight this year BUT DON'T OBSESS ABOUT IT! God!! These damn lists piss me off so bad. How is one to not obsess about it when we are constantly bombarded with this information, especially this time of year? 

I'm going to continue to be obsessed with Simpsons Tapped Out and a new game I downloaded called Vain Glory - it's so fun!

2. I'm just saying NO RESOLUTIONS IN 2015.

3. Tyrone gave me the equivalent of a belt sander for my feet for Christmas. I think he's had enough of my hobbit feet.

4. This week life finally feels back to "normal" since the holidays. Even though it's just regular life we're back to it feels good. The Libra in me likes a routine - but to stay balanced I let the routine go on the weekends. 

5. Passive aggressiveness makes me angry.

6. I love Kendahl & Erin - because they're the only ones reading my shit anymore with my sporadic posts.

7. I have a headache 

January 2, 2015

One year of selfies

One goal for 2014 was accomplished. I'll be patting myself on the back all day today. 

December 31, 2014

December - 2014 Monthly Selfie

This last one is a bit of a copout selfie. I took it in my car on the way to work, because I like to live on the edge. 

I exhausted any creativity left for this year to come up with something for December. Any actuation left in my body disappeared this month. I'm so glad it's finally over. I fucking hate the holidays.