February 11, 2015

Dragon Shirt DIY

I bought this fabric months ago and it was only until a few weeks ago that I finally put my scissors to it. I wanted to make a shirt out of some iridescint or dragon scale type fabric. If you could look past the fact that this fabric is more crocodile than dragon scales then we can be friends. Thanks for humoring me.

I used the basic pattern of another shirt I had to start and measured my bust and waist area. It's similiar to the boston head shirt I did here.  It was really that easy to follow this type of open pattern. The  green fabric is actually really comfortable too. The black fabric is a nicer semi-stretch cotton that is really thick feels nice. I didn't hem the collar to keep it even more simple but the sleeves and bottom hem are all locked up tight.
it looks a bit crooked laying hereon the blanket but it's the straightest I've ever sewn

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kendahl a. said...

This is freaking amazing! I totally thought dragons and not crocodile, so we're cool.