February 26, 2012

Handmade Boston Head Novelty Print Shirt

When I first saw this dress on Calivtinge back in August is when the idea hit me that I wanted to make something similar of my own. But then I saw THIS posted by the ever so miss with the perfect blog and I almost didn't post mine. Well, after you see hers you'll know what I mean, I mean I'm not jealous or bitter at all I promise. I didn't want it to look like I was a big copy cat since there is no way I could prove I had this planned for awhile now. Oh well. I'm not competitive so I really don't care. (Ok I totally care....no I don't....hmmm)

And this is why blogging is sometimes like high school.
It's no secret that novelty prints are totally in right now. There are like a million cat print dresses and shirts out there and this darling sunglasses dress is to die for. I almost bought a shirt with a dog print on it from Old Navy but it was almost $40 and I was like since when did Mold Navy become Nordstroms? I knew it would go on sale for like $15 in two weeks but I didn't want to wait. Although making shirt took longer because working a full time job and having an online shop leaves little time to dedicate a lot of time on bigger projects. For me this project was big because it involved making the stamp, making the shirt, stamping the shirt and finally shooting said shirt.

[this is getting a bit wordy]
It started with a stamp of a boston terrier head just like my stubborn Frederick's big head. I made some other stamps and posted about it HERE back in August 2010.
I took a vintage white skirt and used it as fabric to make the shirt out of it. Skirts are nice to use for this because you can use the bottom hem as the hem for your shirt. I used an older shirt as a pattern so I could have the correct size.
After I half-assed sewed a shirt I started stamping it. I tested the stamp out on a piece of scrap fabric and washed it to see if it would last at least one wash and it seems like it will last awhile.


Julia said...

i love this print, it rocks!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

omg, I love it! I can't believe you actually stamped his highness' head on a shirt though. He's already so cocky.