February 13, 2012

Mustache turned Necklace

I know we all dream about the perfect leather fringed mustache and once we find one we're content for the time being but that joy doesn't seem to fulfill us as much as we thought it would and you're left with a mustache begging for a new purpose in life. Would you disagree?
For the mustache I cut a piece of soft scrap leather and cut lines across the bottom to create the fringe. I then uses eye lash adhesive to stick it to my face. Voila! I perfectly adorable mustache for a night out on the town.

And for those who are never satisfied and always dreaming of the next big "it" project in Blogolopolous Town you can turn your fringe mustache into a charming necklace. Or otherwise known as the actual DIY post.
Fold the top of the leather over to make a small fold that is the right fit to fit a chain through.

Glue with fabric tac and hold for about one minute.

Thread chain through loop on mustache.

Cut two jersey strips out of the scraps you have laying around your house (we all have them, or that's just me, I'll stop assuming now) and stretch them out and loop them through one chain link at each end and fold in half. Then take all four pieces (two from each end), with two in each hand and tie together in a knot.
Make sue you cut a long enough piece of jersey so that it will fit around your giant head. I can't be the only one with a giant head.

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