February 17, 2012

Lumpy Pillows Now In The Shop

I finally got to work and made the pillows I've had planned to make for about a year now. A year. That is how much I procrastinate. I've been collecting these shirt from all over. All are like new but have been used before but are very clean. They made some nice novelty pillows. I think my favorite is Sheldon's face and Batman, naturally. It was hard to post the Fright Night one as well but I need to try and not be so greedy.


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

omg I love the Sheldon one! I just recently started watching that show and fell hard for it. And the Fright Night one is pretty bitchin', too. Anything with a man carrying an axe is gold in my book.

mommy said...

can u bring me the sheldon one and i will pay u for it

Anika said...

Way to make it happen. My list is pretty long. I think it's great how you keep up with your shop. I have to get back into it...thanks for the ongoing inspiration!