Hi, my name is Brandy or you can call me Bubba, nobody actually calls me brandy-son Zen master flash. In fact, only my family can call me Bubba.

When I'm not drowning in the bland corporate world I'm living adventures inside my head where I ride unicorns (they do exist!) and my voice resembles something like a 70's rock star with unruly hair. I believe I was born in the wrong era. I should have been a groupie for Led Zeppelin, T. Rex or David Bowie. I enjoy taking pictures. I consider myself an avid fauxtographer. I'm familiar with having nothing and everything. I love to create. Period. Music is a lifeline that connects through me to what I do.

[that was all kind of weird wasn't it?]

I'm married to a fun-loving, goofy, smoking hot man named Tyrone. He's the drummer of Small Town Trap and works his ass off. We've been married for three years. You can read more about that on The Day posts. Together we have a boston terrier who's name is Frederick Biggie Franklin who is so vigorous he's managed to push his way into his own weekly spot on this blog.

The theme of brandy-son Zen master flash is Let Your Freak Flag Fly which I've tried to adapt through my adult life. I think everyone has a freak flag inside of them that needs to be flown.

I've been writing The Blog for a number of years now. I would write it even if I didn't have any [cult] followers. I opened up The Shop on The Blog's two year anniversary. This was something that was on my life list to do and am so happy to have accomplished it. Although it's something that is always continuing to evolve I don't feel like it's something I can check off my "list". I still have so much more I want to add to it and hopefully can do that before my time is up.

I have a lot of aspirations that I hope to accomplish someday and will more than likely be writing The Blog till I die or until computers become obsolete (won't that be a crazy time?).

I have to say that I don't make any money with my blog or have any ads (nor do I think negatively about those that do.) I do however love to find other awesome bloggers and promote them on The Blog out of brotherly love. I don't expect it in return. I don't comment on other blogger's blogs just to get them to comment back. I appreciate those that read my blog with all of my heart.

As a rule of thumb when replying to comments I try to reply directly back to your email address instead of directly on the blog because I feel like it gets lost that way, plus I'm not so selfish that I think the convo has to stay here on The Blog. If your email isn't set up through blogger then I will respond directly on the post.

You can read more posts about me by clicking on one of the below links or just keep reading The Blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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