June 23, 2010

Things to do...some day...hopefully

Learn Spanish (2 yrs. in school did nothing, 7 yrs. working in a restaurant was helpful but it's been about 7 yrs. since then, so I'm back to square one)
Learn German (anyone know of any good podcasts?)
Visit Germany
Visit Sweden (maybe just most of Europe - Rick Steves anyone? I love that show!)
Open Etsy shop (cross your fingers for me that this will happen soon)
Get the internet!!! (How is it that it is 2010 and we still don't have our own?)
Take Tyrone to Mexico
Get a better camera (maybe learn how to use it - I really just want it to do the work for me)
Learn graphic design
Beach cruiser (done!)
Buy a house (this is a ways off but I can still dream)
Get Photoshop! (iPhoto can only do so much)

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