June 22, 2010

Weekly Confessional

Have you ever purchased something on a whim from iTunes and about a week later regret sets in? I've done this many, many times. Mostly because I like pretty much all genres of music, even some country (but NONE of the new country music) and I also like some of the pop radio crap out there. This gets me into trouble sometimes. I have a bunch of crap in my iTunes library now. I am actually pretty embarrassed to admit I had made an effort to to enter my credit card card information so that I could have these. Some songs I came across that I purchased a bit back that need to go to the recycle bin are:
Smack That - Akon
Sexy Love - Ne-Yo (although this sort of reminds me of when Ty & I were dating - all of his songs sound the same)
Rodney Carrington (probably spelled that wrong but WHO CARES!! - about five songs of his that I purchased for my little brother a long time ago but some how they keep popping up - I think he is so gross)
and the most embarrassing of them all is probably...
Far Away - Nickleback (seriously, what was I thinking?)
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Jennikunz said...

Nickleback.. say it isn't so!!!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I know, right?!! So embarrassing!