June 17, 2010

New Segment - Look What I Ate for Lunch Today!!

Welcome to the new segment on the brandy-son Zen master flash blog! It's called Look What I Ate for Lunch Today!
From some of the my recent posts you would think that it was true but, SERIOUSLY! LOOK WHAT I ATE FOR LUNCH TODAY!!! The best quesadilla (pronounced the way Napoleon Dynamite's grandma says it) that I have EVER had since the last trip I took to Tijuana. I fell in love with a simple tortilla with melted cheese on a trip I took with a few fellas back in the day. Some of those fellas I still hold dear to my heart but one in particular, whom I have since forgotten his name, because i replaced it with BIGFATLYINGCHEATINGSONOFABITCH (emphasise on the BIG & FAT) quite awhile ago.  I have yet to find any cheesy goodness that compares since....WAIT! I am back to talking about the quesadilla now, I just wanted to be sure I clarified that. Ha ha!
For realz, we have been able to have some fantastic lunches since the Mr. and I have started working together. If you get a chance and your in downtown SLC go to the taco cart on State & 2nd S. This quesadilla is huge and it was only $4 and you can choose from a handful of meats to put in it if you're a fellow carnivore like me. Oh and it comes with a roasted jalapeno. YUM!! I should start marketing for them don't you think? Ha!
Oh and for those that have a hard time picking up on sarcasm, this really isn't a new segment, although I may still post about my lunches from time to time.
One last thing I just have to mention, I love looking at all of the different people that walk around downtown. There is such an eclectic group among us on a daily basis it's really incredible. There was this guy standing on the corner and instead of panhandling he was holding this bushy branch that could have been from a fern or something like that and he was waving it around so softly and talking to it ever so sweetly. I'm not sure if him and the branch new each other in a past life or what but he was definitely involved with it. I could not stop staring at him. He was honestly oblivious to the world around him, except for the branch of course.
Peace out.

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