June 10, 2010

Dear Thursday,

This morning already looks like it's going to be a blasé day. Although, the sun is starting to peak out. I like the rain on occasion but the biggest reason I don't is because Frederick is a little bitch when it's wet out. He will NOT go to the bathroom he'd rather hold it all damn day long. What a sissy! You should see him walk one wet grass it's like when you put a baby down on the grass for the first time and they act all weird when it touches their feet or hands...?? Ya know what I'm saying?
Tuesday night Tyrone brought me home a vanilla ice cream cone from Article Circle and ONE HOUR later we went back got another one. They are so good!! They are only 60 cents right now. What a deal??!!! After work yesterday we stopped by and grabbed one on the way home too. So last night we decided to be good and balance out all of our gorging and go for a run. We went for about two miles and by the time I got home I started having what seemed like an asthma attack. I could not breathe AT ALL and my lungs felt like they were closing in on me. It was so weird. I had not felt like that since I ran this 5K a few years ago that I didn't train beforehand for. I thought it was because I didn't train. I also thought maybe I'm developing asthma but the entire time I trained for and ran the half marathon I never had an episode like this at all and I think it's because it was colder out. We trained all winter and ran in March. I think maybe it has to do with allergies because it happens when it's hot out and the pollen is high. Or, I think maybe all that ice cream was turning on me. Did you know that ice cream doesn't like it when you exercise? It will get all offended and talk shit behind your back and the second you start any cardio it stabs you in the back. They are each other's nemesis, I'm pretty positive about this. And now both of them ARE MINE. Ha! I guess I'll just have to watch and see. Also, when I run inside this doesn't happen either.
Has anyone ever heard of this? Any advice? No? I'll just ask the all knowing Google - king of the earth! Or queen of the earth? Oh wait! That's my mother's job. (love you mom)
Tomorrow night we are celebrating our one year anniversary that is actually on Sunday at Spencer's downtown located in the Hilton. I get a pretty nice hookup with them. I can't wait to stuff my face with the best ribeye I've ever had. If you ever need a place to stay downtown SLC stay at the Hilton. It's an older building but they treat you like royalty.
Happy Thursday ya'll! [insert Britney Spears accent here]
Note: The picture above is from a few summers ago when we walked to Macy's to get Kong Cones. They are freakin' massive! You can't get through one with out it dripping all down your face and hands. Imposible.

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