June 5, 2010

Sporatic Hiatus

{a little hint}

I'm trying to focus my efforts on something big. Well it's big for me and I'll be fulfilling a dream of mine. But that will mean that I won't be posting as many DIY projects that I usually do. Tuesday will still be Weekly Confessionals and Wednesdays will still be Inspiration posts and then in between that will be very random. We are also hoping to have the internet soon. Cross your fingers for us.

The weekend has been very nice so far, I just had to add that.

Oh and I deleted my Myspace account yesterday. It felt great. Now if I could let go of Facebook I'd only have this blog and twitter to deal with.

Oh and this month is pretty crazy for us between Tyrone's birthday, our one year anniversary, my SIL's birthday, Father's Day, STT show, camping....and the beat goes on and on....

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