August 27, 2013

7 Things

1. Tomorrow night I have to go to a work dinner and I'm sort of looking forward to it because it is a pretty odd bunch of people attending. Pure curiosity is my only motivation otherwise I would stabbing myself in the thigh with dull grade school arts and crafts scissors.

2. I just finished season 5 of Mad Men. It was the best one so far. I'm still wondering why I've powered through this far.

3. I haven't had any water today. For some reason I'm making myself not drink any all day because I'm craving rebellion and this is how I'm acting out. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!?/

4. I've been thinking of having a sale in The Shop.  A big fall sale to get rid of some inventory that has been sitting there far too long. Clean house.

5. I want this ring so bad it hurts my knuckles because they want it next to them every day. I have no idea what my ring size would be in EURO land or how much dollars that MANY pounds converts to. I just want it NOW.

6. I feel like a four year old today.

7. I got a sexy new knife for protection. I'll stab a bitch.

August 25, 2013

DIY: Coffin Stamp

And so begins the Halloween season with the first DIY of the season. It's pretty much fall already, right? I'm always sad to see summer go but, honestly, fall is the best so it makes saying goodbye easy. I've been itching for Halloween since July and have started a few projects to help with the problem.

Admittedly, I have to say that this little stamp isn't going to be used just for Halloween.

With a standard eraser, exact-o knife, pencil and a block carver this guy came out pretty quickly. First, I drew the design onto the eraser then started carving away at the void areas. Once I was finished carving I glued the little guy onto a small jar lid and he was born. It's now a He.

August 13, 2013

Summer Favorites, pretty much

I'm going to skip over my summer reminiscences because let's be real here folks there isn't many or any interesting enough to get into. It's been an OK time. Work has pretty much scrambled my brains with mushrooms and onions and served them to my mortal enemy while I sit watching, handcuffed to my cubicle. It's been rough to say the least. I had a goal that I would repeat back this saying to myself, "This place does not deserve to get the best of me." I tried but most days I think I failed. I still believe in it but my faith has wavered.

To be concise and avoid boring you any longer here is a list of my favorite things I've picked up since Winter. They're not all from this summer but the months have blurred together like a 3 year old playing with Playdoh.

The lighting in our living room.
I was worried that it would lack some place to be able to take product photos and random selfies (YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO.)

Finding the PERFECT red nail polish.
This is the best shit I've found. It's not cheap but it's handmade and hasn't chipped in two days. My fingers get some action and a lot of mouth-time so nail polish never lasts for me, but this stuff still looks great - going on day 3.

I've bought a lot of makeup and recently discovered that Ulta has Nyx cosmetics (i'm slow) so they've got a lot of my money lately. I bought BLACK lip liner and can't wait to try it.

Starting over with a new avocado seed and so far we've got root action in less than a week. I think it helps to have your seeds cracked. My other guy has sadly passed on. Well, I have let him go but he still stands in a pot at my parents house like a stuffed pet some recluse couldn't let go of. (I'm totally stuffing Fred when the time comes - OH GOD! I CAN'T STAND THINKING ABOUT THAT)

This hoodie.
In love. It's so soft.

I've been trying to take care of my face.
I'm going to be [cough, cough] 35 soon. Too motherfucking soon.

Lipstick. I love it even though I only wear it on Saturdays. Not pictured is this really awesome nude color from Nyx - I'm so pissed I left it out.

I've also been trying to take care of my hooves. They're disgusting and so badly cracked that when I walk on carpet it's like pulling two pieces of velcro apart.

 These earrings.
I keep them on heavy rotation and even wear some of them at the same time. Like magic.

I've been wearing mostly dark polishes. I'm not into the cutesy summer colors. I buy them, think they're pretty on other people, and then never wear it again.

Decorating. I recently painted this mid-centry piece white with a salmon/orange background. I got it for $10 and it was ugly brown and really dirty.

And last but not least the best flip-flops ever.
I've worn them almost every day. I'm over Old Navy's basic ones. They kill my feet and these do not.

{if have any questions on where I got anything just comment below and I'll email you back. or you can just email me}

August 12, 2013

7 Things

a panoramic of our living room

1. I'm sitting here pissed because I spent over an hour prepping my bathroom to dye my hair only to find out that I lost all of my hair dying tools. I'm talking gloves, bottles and all. PISSED! The only positive thing to come of it is that it led me to blog. Yeay! Blogging!! Yes, I do blog here, occasionally. 

2. I drank a Dr. Pepper to keep myself awake so I could get through dying my entire noggin instead of crapping out halfway through and having to convince everyone tomorrow that I was going for skunk look.

3. I watched Breaking Bad last night for the first time on regular cable television like a modern day pioneer and everything. I'm use to watching it online (legally, of course) the next day like a normal poor person. It was weird but I think it felt that way, not only because I had to sit through commercials, but because I watched it alone. Frederick just didn't understand all of the nail bitting and occasional, "Oh my God, uh muh Gah, I knew it!" I re-watched it later with Tyrone when they reran it and had much more fun with him.

4. I ended up home alone for almost two days this weekend. It was like a tropical paradise with the palm trees, ocean breeze, and humid jungle, so it was basically like being...home...alone. Which is paradise for a self-seeking loner. Bliss. Tyrone went camping at a lake with a bunch of people and all of the water toys imaginable. Now, you're probably wondering why I would pass on that, but it was that time-of-the-month and there was going to be tent-sharing and well, strangers. Uh, no. The last time I went camping on my period I ran from human-eating bears the whole time. So far this Summer I haven't been quilted into going camping at all. And, now I just jinxed myself. Shit.

5. I'm addicted to the Simpsons game, Tapping Out. It's fun. But now I can't make fun of Tyrone for some of the games he plays. It's like Evony, or that zombie farm one and other Sims-like games, BUT it's THE SIMPSONS. You're welcome.

6. If I can get through this week of work alive it will be rewarding, I mean a fucking miracle.

7. I'm excited for Fall and Halloween to come but I don't want Summer to be over, but that doesn't really surprise me that I would have such conflicting feelings right now or ever for that matter.

August 11, 2013

DIY. Neon Mary

A wee bit of a makeover for Mother Mary. 

We're still in the process of hanging shelves and making our new place feel like home, but I can't wait to find a better place for my newly neon Mary.