August 27, 2013

7 Things

1. Tomorrow night I have to go to a work dinner and I'm sort of looking forward to it because it is a pretty odd bunch of people attending. Pure curiosity is my only motivation otherwise I would stabbing myself in the thigh with dull grade school arts and crafts scissors.

2. I just finished season 5 of Mad Men. It was the best one so far. I'm still wondering why I've powered through this far.

3. I haven't had any water today. For some reason I'm making myself not drink any all day because I'm craving rebellion and this is how I'm acting out. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!?/

4. I've been thinking of having a sale in The Shop.  A big fall sale to get rid of some inventory that has been sitting there far too long. Clean house.

5. I want this ring so bad it hurts my knuckles because they want it next to them every day. I have no idea what my ring size would be in EURO land or how much dollars that MANY pounds converts to. I just want it NOW.

6. I feel like a four year old today.

7. I got a sexy new knife for protection. I'll stab a bitch.


kendahl a. said...

Love that knife! So pretty!

Misty K said...

Your realness makes me happy. That is all