February 28, 2010

The Road, finally

We finally were able to see the movie The Road. After reading the book we have been dying to see it and I have to say I loved it.
"Are you carrying the fire?"

King Niko @ Liquid Joes

Vinny's face peeking in between is hilarious.

Their drummer has a sparkly drum set.

Ty's co-worker, Ransom, is the lead singer of the band King Niko. Ty, Vinny and me went to see them Saturday night and they friggin' killed it. He is a fantastic performer. Check them out they are an awesome local band and you can listen to their stuff on lastfm.com here.

STT @ Liquid Joes Show

Had a blast Friday night at the show - I was too tired to even go because they didn't even perform until after 11pm but once it was over I was glad I went.
I love this picture of all three of them pulling the same face.
I just love my sexy drummer.

February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010

Weekly Confessional

My new sewing machine is still in a box sitting on my floor next to my work table.

So, because it’s sitting near my work table that still counts right? I can call myself a professional sewer now?

Watch out Irina Shabayeva here comes the Zen master flash!

I still can’t believe that bitch won.

February 22, 2010

MJ Glove Magnet

Made some fun MJ magnets...
I will hopefully be able to post more things that I've been up to lately.

Stay tuned...

February 19, 2010

Happy Friday & Baby Goo Love

Hope you all have a happy Friday and I will leave you with the cutest baby on earth.

You can't tell they're related?

February 18, 2010

This isn't good for my rage

Quick - where does that saying come from?

Right now this jar in our house is empty, I think I need to fill it up with some Cadbury Mini Eggs. Those candy hard shell pieces of heaven are the best thing about Spring; well that and Summer is approaching soon.

Finally a good book to start reading

I had these shipped to the office instead to my house because I am sneaky like that. Not that I feel I have to hide this from the Hub I just think things are more fun when you're being sneaky. Ha! I watched Big Fish the other night and started this book today. I'm betting it's going to be better than Eat Pray--Puke!

Tunnel Scarf

I want a million more of these in every color. One problem with that is I don't want to have to make them. Next time I won't use such small yarn. I love these scarves because they keep your neck warm plus you don't have to worry about it coming untied and falling in the toilet. You never had that problem? Just me? Ok.

February 17, 2010


Jen Loves Kev – I love seeing what outfits she is going to post on a daily basis & all of the cool pins she makes are fantastic.

Adored Austin – This girl has crazy style too and is pretty funny. I share her dislike in Lindsay Lohan.

Cakies – Cakies inspires me the most with her original craft ideas, the love she has for her family and in God. She reminds me not to be ashamed of my faith. (I need a lot of reminding)

Dooce – If you don’t know who this is then you’ve been living under a rock for too long. I would like to invite you out from under it and enjoy the sunshine. She inspires so much of my writing which doesn’t even compare to hers. She is blunt & hilarious. I would marry her if it was legal.

Princess Lasertron – She inspired of a lot of my wedding planning and makes the prettiest felt & button bridal bouquets. She has the most original style and isn’t afraid to play with color. Also, she is the cutest prego lady of the moment.

for me, for you – I’ve been introduced to very rad sites because of her.

Rock ‘n Roll Bride – I still follow all of the wedding blogs I did when I was planning my wedding. I am addicted to seeing brides and grooms all tatted up in their formal attire.

100 Layer Cake – The DIY weddings they post are very inspiring. They make me want to get married over and over again every year.

Once Wed – I was introduced to this site by my cousin while planning my wedding and I still can’t get enough of it.

ThreadBanger – This site is the core of my inspiration. If you do not subscribe to their podcast you really should. If you’re interested in had-core DIY – subscribe now! I can’t get enough of it.

Now this is just a handful (or two very large handfuls) of the blogs that I follow. My Google Reader is out of control. I’m a little obsessed, but it was either this or hard-core porn. I may be missing out a little bit by choosing blogging over porn.

I also love reading all of my friends and families blogs. Between that and Facebook it’s a great way to catch up on what is going on in their lives with out spending hours on the phone. I’m not a phone-talker. I prefer text any day of the week.

I want it to be known that I’m not getting anything from listing anyone that I’ve mentioned above. I honestly just love reading them daily because in their own little way they have inspired me. Most of them have no idea I follow them religiously.

February 16, 2010

Weekly Confessional

This isn’t really a confession rather than an annoying preference. And when I say “annoying” I mean that it is annoying to Tyrone.

Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda except that I despise drinking it out of a can because I think it tastes different (gross). I will drink it out of a can but I trick myself into thinking that it is something rather than D.P. that is new and unconventional. It helps ease the pain. I can deal with it in a bottle but I prefer, by a million miles, drinking it from a fountain (you know like in a Big Gulp?). Being the difficult person that I am, I don’t leave it that simple I make the grueling situation worse by not drinking it from just “any” gas station fountain. I only like it from certain places. 7 Eleven is on the good list, Walkers is on the shit list! Before they tore down the Harts gas station in American Fork just off of the Main Street exit I would ONLY drink D.P. fountain sodas from there. They were the best thing next to shopping or chocolate or sex, or insert here whatever makes you giddy as an 11 year old girl at a Jo-Bro concert. Or giddy as an 11 year old girl smoking crack with Miley Cyrus. Come on we all know she does this…right? I’m the only one that thinks so? You just wait – TMZ will confirm my predictions some day. I would like to say for the record that I hope she doesn’t end up like the Brittany Lohan Hilton girls out there.


Back to my point.

Dr. Pepper in a can – bad.

Dr. Pepper in a bottle – bearable.

Dr. Pepper fountain drinks – good.

{For the record I have never had a Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle – I am sure it’s on the good list too}

February 15, 2010

Oh the games we play

Picture me at work bored and Ty laying in bed at home.

I wanted to share a little conversation the Hub and I had over text today:

Me: Poop! I accidentally left my ring at home. Will you put it in my blue box on the dresser?

Him: Where is it?

Me: Ummm…

Him: Ugh!

Me: It’s not like I’m asking to take Frederick out West and shoot him.

Him: : (

Me: Coffee table? Kitchen counter? Bathroom?

Him: None of the above

Me: Try the garbage bag sitting outside our front door.

Him: Don’t fuck with me.

Me: Bwahaha!

Me: It might be on the night stand.

Him: Grrr…I really can’t find it.

Me: Kitchen table?

Him: Not there either.

Me: Hmmm…well shit then.

later that evening I came home from work to look for it and couldn't find it any where. ty said he looked all over the house and couldn't find it. I started to get really nervous and was seriously on the verge of tears until Tyrone started laughing like an evil cartoon villain. Let's just say he thought he was being clever by getting me back by hiding it but he has no idea what he is in for now.

Lia Sophia Winner!

I'm a weiner!! I mean...I'm a winner!! My friend Brittany had an email contest the other day and I won. I am so excited. I got to pick whatever I wanted from her catalogue for winning. She sells Lia Sophia jewelry. If you haven't see this stuff you can check it out HERE!

Check out the ring I got HERE! It's called the On a Roll ring. I have been wanted to get a cool ring for some time so this was perfect. I use to wear a lot of rings but haven't had any for awhile now.

Check out her site if you're interested in any of the jewelry or contact her if you would like to host a show.

Happy Presidents Day!

February 14, 2010

Bleeding Heart Pillow Tutorial

Make your own bleeding heart pillow. Decipher this mess and you can have your own.

Cut out all of the pieces and layer them the way you want. The first layer is the top of the pillow which consists of one full heart piece, one half a broken heart and all of the bloody pieces. Glue all of the pieces toghether; glue blood on to the half broken heart piece and then attach that piece to one full heart shape. The second layer is the back of the pillow. Glue them together around the edges leaving an opening to stuff it. Once it's stuffed you can glue the opening shut. I didn't use a lot of glue so that when I sewed the edges around it wouldn't be hard to push the needle through. Once it's glued shut you can use any type of stitching to sew around the edges.

My Bloody Valentine

Dear bloody valentine,

my heart bleeds for you.

Your stalker.

We celebrated this wretched day early and in a style that fits us. Here is the bleeding heart I made for Tyrone.

And this is the card I made for him. He loves the Simpsons so I played off of the card that Lisa gave to Ralphie. Ralphie is my favorite.
{the blood is red felt}

Here is the card that Tyrone made for me. I will cherish this thing forever. We had a great night being together. Tyrone had dinner made for me by the time I got home from work; mushroom fetuchini alfredo. I forgive him for putting portobello mushrooms in the alfredo sauce. I will say that even though I don't like them Tyrone made the best portobello mushrooms I've ever had. He is so sweet. To go along with our bloody theme we rented Zombieland and made cookies.
I am loving the heart and skeleton arms. He says he's not crafty but he is pretty artsy when he wants to be.
Precious pink cookies before.
Add a little bloody sugar frosting.
And you get adorable bloody valentine cookies.
A bit of a bloody mess but it tasted o-so-good.
{I had my co-workers bothering me to make sugar cookies so I decided to bring these in to share with them. I'm not sure how the blood part went over - maybe they won't ask me to make them again}