December 31, 2010

The Sally Fields Dream

The other night I had taken two melatonin pills to go to sleep. My mind was racing and taking only ONE of those little guys usually helps me get a good nights rest. They are life savers. BUT this night I was feeling more anxious than normal and thought I wouldn't have any trouble taking two. It's not like Ambien so I wasn't worried about not waking up in the morning or having a psychedelic episode. Every once in a while melatonin will make me have weird dreams but that's about it. This night was one of them. I also had the dream right before I woke up so it lingered the next day. A perfect set-up for a strange story.
Of what I remember from the dream was a close up shot of Sally Fields face and she was crying, sobbing even. Her face was bright red and I think she was sad because her cat died. She was pouring out her soul to me and I was counseling her. There are a couple of things that could have prompted this dream. A few nights before I watched Brothers & Sisters the show she is in (a show I never watch but did so because I was too lazy to turn the station) so that could have been the main but more boring reason why I dreamt about her. The other reason could have been because we visited my grandmother on Christmas day and she has always reminded me of her. With the exception of my grandma's hair now days (blonde-gray) growing up she had dark brown hair, big eyes and a down turned mouth. You know the kind that always looks like their pissed off when they are expressionless? Sally Fields always looks (unless she is smiling) like someone has just taken a piss in her oatmeal. My grandma does too. I can point this out because for many days of my life I've had to sit through explanation after explanation from my grandmother of how hers does this and I should be lucky that mine doesn't. (I am so very lucky)
What bothered me the most was the close up shot. It was like watching a Barbara Walters special when the celebrity is pouring their heart out and the camera is RIGHT FREAKING THERE to catch every un-auditioned tear run down their cheek.
I think the cat part was prompted by my MIL's many calls to my husband recently complaining about her cat that is on her last leg. The pooping and the eating and miserableness and the....................................sigh.
At one point Sally just looked at me with her large water filled eyes and asked me if I had ever felt such anguish in my life. But before I could answer and realize that it was a rhetorical question she went on about how impossible it was for anyone to understand what she was going through. (I'm thinking this dream was more about my real life than I initially thought)
I looked at Sally blankly in the face and responded with utter disdain and told her to take the cat out West. (Where I'm from that's what we did with dying animals. Put them out of their misery and pick up it's replacement at the local Puppy Mill on the way home.)
If you took any of this seriously you can direct any mis-guided hate mail at
Happy New Year - tomorrow!!

Fridays with Frederick

You can check out more posts with Frederick by clicking the image on the right which is also below.

For 2011 I hope to post not only pictures of Frederick on Fridays with Frederick posts but of the other pups in our family too and maybe even some others if I can pull it off.

December 30, 2010

2010 - The Never Ending Year

After reading last year's recap I am a little lost at words, thoughts, ideas, make-believe stories to talk about the year that has just passed. Died even. Do we need to have an entombment for 2010?

Let's see:

Here lies The Year 2010 where hopes and dreams and our britches were held on to by the suspenders of hope and delusion...

Not quite right.

I think 2010 was a fine year until December when people started passing away and shit really started hitting the forever spinning fan that is life. I personally wasn't directly affected with death but people close enough to me was and I can't help but grieve for them a little. They say with death comes new life; well let's hope that's true.

And then there was the many Hollywood couple splits one of which that indirectly affected me the most; Courtney Cox and David Arquette. I was saddened over this for all of about 30 seconds while my husband was cheering happily at finally having a real chance to get with Ms., I suppose.

2010 didn't help me get over my adolescent humor.

I made a few goals at the end of 2010 one of which was to start my shop which I did and am very happy about. Things are still pretty slow but that's okay because I still have a full time job that drains me most of the week. I also mentioned maybe possibly having a baby but that didn't happen either; most days I am okay with this considering Tyrone is just now at a job he likes and we are still in a one bedroom apartment. Which by the way we will be in for one more year since we just signed a new lease. Since the buying a house goal didn't work out either we are hoping that by the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 we will be able to

I am still working on the tumultuous relationship between me and His Majesty. My jealousy of all of the affection that he has stolen from my family that should belong to me and the part about him not scowling at me every time I enter a room. I will say that I have received two unsolicited hugs from him on two separate occasions, both of which left me crying like a little bitch. Peek-a-boo is our common ground and the link that bonds us for the time being. Apparently he likes to be scared and I like yelling at people so it works out for both of us. Remember, I am waiting for the eternal bonding when he becomes a teenager and I can teach him about Rock-n-Roll, Making out, treating girls with respect (after you've made-out with them), Movies, Fashion and Puddle-Hopping in his first car.

Most importantly I have learned true forgiveness and have seen it in action and it has left me humbled and pretty much feeling like a piece of gum stuck on a janitor's black boot.

I've let a little bitterness go this year too. It wasn't exactly like getting punched in the gut which I had assumed it would feel like.

For 2011 - I'm not sure what's in store except my quest to eat more natural will be kicking me in the crotch and that pesky drinking more water goal will forever nag my muffin top. I hope to grow as a person spiritually, businessy (not a word) and emotionally.

In June we celebrated our one year anniversary and our four year dating anniversary. Frederick turned three years old and I turned 32. Tyrone isn't even 30 yet - next year is his year. I can't wait to give him all sorts of crap.

We didn't take a single vacation this year, how lame is that? I swear, next year we better at least go to Las Vegas or California. We did hike a bunch which is sort of like lots of mini vacations.

Best or most likely Worst posts of 2010 (in no particular order):

Alley Adventure- Pt. One, Two & Three

Tweet of the Year 
Serious Kanye always looks like he's hiding shit in his cheeks like gum balls

Next Year expect not much more except I am going to try and post more DIY projects and write more stories whether it be fiction or non-fiction. I also plan to collage more and focus on my shop. So hopefully that doesn't scare you away.

In the next few weeks I have a couple DIY projects, a shop update and on Saturday I announce my 365 photo project (hope you follow it) and so on...

Bring on 2011!!!

December 29, 2010

Sloppy Sally outfit & random spitting

It is the third day in a row that I have worn this zip up hoodie. My mom got it for me for Christmas because I wanted hers so badly. She got it at Costco. It's so comfortable and since we can wear jeans at work for the rest of the year I decided to wear this everyday this week. I may or may not be switching up the tee shirt but honestly does it matter if I never take the hoodie off?
My nails are painted with gray nail polish. I am really like this color right now. I am not wearing any makeup. My hair is bed hair thrown back in a messy bun. (I never brush my hair) I am wearing my favorite Kiss tee shirt too. Just to set the record straight I'm not a big fan of their music (don't hate it either) I just really like their theatrical ways and their tee shirts apparently.
I am so tired today. I went to bed early and everything. Well, sort of. I turned the lights off at 10:30 which is early for me. I'm not exactly sure what time I fell asleep at. I took TWO melatonin pills, which is something I don't usually do, because my mind was racing but I still woke up about six different times. My little heater (Frederick) was giving me a heat stroke and I had to pee like crazy. (Was that too much information?)
I started a painting last night and am pretty excited about showing it. It's a little adolescent but funny to me.
Next year I hope to wear more of my vintage and thifted clothes and mixing it all up as much as possible. Part of this is because I am going to try and not shop as much as I did this year. I think I'll be able to do it with more ease since I've become quite the little thrifter. I also want to try and make some clothes like from patterns and everything (OMGNOWAY). Don't hold me to this though. I found a vintage pattern that I want to try but I'm not sure it will be big enough since their sizes are so much smaller than they are now days. It's a 14 but that might be too small since I think that's like a size ten or so for now days. It's a dress pattern though so I might be able to make it work.
{Someone in the office smells like Orange Pledge and it's driving me nuts}


Oh, shit! Am I actually posting this on a Wednesday? Conformist!!

This is my last Creep Santa pic of the year - I promise!

Junk Hunt

I've been sporting this Cher tee shirt I found at Savers where she is selling out for her Malibu Cowboys. Haha! I love it!

I didn't purchase this. It took enough lady balls to take the picture. He haunts me in my sleep.

December 28, 2010

The good husband...

Feeds his wife's obsession of Johnny Depp by stuffing these in her stocking.
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Junk Hunt

Found these old craft supplies and now I don't know what to do with them.

This vintage shirt I found I love. It's perfect with a long sleeve shirt under it for winter time. It's polyester so it's not the most comfortable with out something under it. I'm so thankful for how far fabrics have come along and what they're able to do with them now days.

Weekly Confessional of the Past

This was posted last year on January 26th, 2010. My feelings may or may not have changed much since then either. I'm still keeping my promise though. I'm a woman of my word.


I'm going to go ahead and start this early morning off with a semi-confession with some good old fashioned deep-seeded hate.

To the co-worker I hate the most at work: When you tell your stupid stories about how healthy you eat and that you try to avoid sugar at all costs as I'm dumping 5 sugar packets into my coffee, I'm tempted to throw my scorching coffee in your alcoholic, smoking, lying, hypocritical face every damn time. I know I'm not the only person who is sick of your condescending stories either. One of these days I will not be able to control myself so you better be wearing a hockey mask or something to protect that fugly mug of yours.
{maybe I should have written this one on a postcard with my co-worker's face on it and sent it in to PostSecret - if I ever quit or get fired there I will for sure post the shit out of it on here - mark my words}

December 27, 2010

God Jul - gift tag tid-bit

I thought for sure I would get all sorts of questions and slack for the gift tags I put on everyone's presents but only ONE person even asked about it. Just goes to show that putting effort into the gift tags was fucking pointless. At least I made myself happy in the process. That's really all that matters on Christmas right?
That's not the point of Christmas? Making myself happy?
On Christmas Eve after spending the evening with Tyrone's family I mentioned to him that not a single person asked what "God Jul" means. I told him I can't wait to see if anyone in my family asks about it tomorrow. Nevertheless, no one asked and then my mom finally did. FINALLY some sort of recognition. Sheesh.

Back to the grinde

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Christmas in a nut shell

I didn't take a single picture on Christmas Day and since we spent Christmas Eve with Tyrone's family that means I didn't get a single pic of my family.

In all we were very spoiled and had a perfect time full of family awkwardnesses, food and good times.

Highlights were my grandmother asking us to feel her rock hard ass and my brother sticking his tongue so far down Tyrone's ear that he felt the need to go home and wash the shame away. He didn't say a single word the entire trip home in the car.

best gift tag EVER

The kiddos in their hats that we got them

my niece's cute pajama feet
one of the creepy Santa's my mom found for me
I got a little sentimental and read last year's post about Christmas. It's where I made my Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired eye masks, talked about bottle caps, introduced Frohawk, made the world's ugliest tee shirt for Tyrone and bitched about work. So pretty much not many changes from this year.  The last two years we didn't exchange gifts between the two of us. You can read the post HERE if you like.

December 26, 2010

We've been cleaning all day

and someone did it with the reindeer ears on the entire time

Todays outfit & random side note

Xmas socks from the MIL that I will be cleaning in all day accompanied by sweats and an oversized tee shirt.
Anyone else ready for 2011? I am. I wish I didn't have to wait a whole week for it to get here.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas from Ghana

December 24, 2010

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feeling whatever that feeling is

Watching my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas and making mashed potatoes for tonight's family party and tomorrow's too.

We got a really sweet gift from our friend Pito (you read that right). It's a handmade stained glass star for our tree. Love it.
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Eli Potash Receives a Christmas Gift

I've posted about this dude before he's pretty much become a staple downtown. What these guys did for him I can't even describe how awesome it is. It was perfect to read this Christmas Eve morning. This is what Christmas is about.

I hope the link works you can check out the video here: Please take a moment to watch it - you won't regret it!

Merry Christmas in German

Friday's with Frederick

Torturing device

We've been playing evil games with Frederick by squeaking this bird that hangs out of his stocking. I'm sure it will last all but 3 minutes but it's still worth it. He is going crazy already over it.

I finally got a new tag for him yesterday. He's needed a new one ever since he got hit by a car.

December 23, 2010

The Wrapping Madness is Over

For some reason I would start wrapping and then quite in the middle of it and start something else. It was killing my back and I was having a hard time motivating myself. I finally decided to make some original tags with a little swedish inspiration and that helped a little bit. I had fun making them. It also may have been that I didn't get much help from the husband part of of my life. They like to use the whole "but I'm not very good at it" excuse.

This last picture I can't wait to give away! I may be killing the surprise by posting it but oh well.