December 29, 2010

Sloppy Sally outfit & random spitting

It is the third day in a row that I have worn this zip up hoodie. My mom got it for me for Christmas because I wanted hers so badly. She got it at Costco. It's so comfortable and since we can wear jeans at work for the rest of the year I decided to wear this everyday this week. I may or may not be switching up the tee shirt but honestly does it matter if I never take the hoodie off?
My nails are painted with gray nail polish. I am really like this color right now. I am not wearing any makeup. My hair is bed hair thrown back in a messy bun. (I never brush my hair) I am wearing my favorite Kiss tee shirt too. Just to set the record straight I'm not a big fan of their music (don't hate it either) I just really like their theatrical ways and their tee shirts apparently.
I am so tired today. I went to bed early and everything. Well, sort of. I turned the lights off at 10:30 which is early for me. I'm not exactly sure what time I fell asleep at. I took TWO melatonin pills, which is something I don't usually do, because my mind was racing but I still woke up about six different times. My little heater (Frederick) was giving me a heat stroke and I had to pee like crazy. (Was that too much information?)
I started a painting last night and am pretty excited about showing it. It's a little adolescent but funny to me.
Next year I hope to wear more of my vintage and thifted clothes and mixing it all up as much as possible. Part of this is because I am going to try and not shop as much as I did this year. I think I'll be able to do it with more ease since I've become quite the little thrifter. I also want to try and make some clothes like from patterns and everything (OMGNOWAY). Don't hold me to this though. I found a vintage pattern that I want to try but I'm not sure it will be big enough since their sizes are so much smaller than they are now days. It's a 14 but that might be too small since I think that's like a size ten or so for now days. It's a dress pattern though so I might be able to make it work.
{Someone in the office smells like Orange Pledge and it's driving me nuts}


Anika said...

Your office sounds like an odd place. I like getting these snippets to put it all together but the picture you have painted so far makes it sound like a strange movie filled with colorful characters.

maaaa said...

so glad you like the hoodie, oxxoxo lv mama

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Believe me you don't want me to get into too many details about my work. ALSO - I stay pretty vague for the most part on purpose. I have lurkers at my work who read my blog that TATTLE on me so I need to be careful apparently.