December 30, 2010

2010 - The Never Ending Year

After reading last year's recap I am a little lost at words, thoughts, ideas, make-believe stories to talk about the year that has just passed. Died even. Do we need to have an entombment for 2010?

Let's see:

Here lies The Year 2010 where hopes and dreams and our britches were held on to by the suspenders of hope and delusion...

Not quite right.

I think 2010 was a fine year until December when people started passing away and shit really started hitting the forever spinning fan that is life. I personally wasn't directly affected with death but people close enough to me was and I can't help but grieve for them a little. They say with death comes new life; well let's hope that's true.

And then there was the many Hollywood couple splits one of which that indirectly affected me the most; Courtney Cox and David Arquette. I was saddened over this for all of about 30 seconds while my husband was cheering happily at finally having a real chance to get with Ms., I suppose.

2010 didn't help me get over my adolescent humor.

I made a few goals at the end of 2010 one of which was to start my shop which I did and am very happy about. Things are still pretty slow but that's okay because I still have a full time job that drains me most of the week. I also mentioned maybe possibly having a baby but that didn't happen either; most days I am okay with this considering Tyrone is just now at a job he likes and we are still in a one bedroom apartment. Which by the way we will be in for one more year since we just signed a new lease. Since the buying a house goal didn't work out either we are hoping that by the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 we will be able to

I am still working on the tumultuous relationship between me and His Majesty. My jealousy of all of the affection that he has stolen from my family that should belong to me and the part about him not scowling at me every time I enter a room. I will say that I have received two unsolicited hugs from him on two separate occasions, both of which left me crying like a little bitch. Peek-a-boo is our common ground and the link that bonds us for the time being. Apparently he likes to be scared and I like yelling at people so it works out for both of us. Remember, I am waiting for the eternal bonding when he becomes a teenager and I can teach him about Rock-n-Roll, Making out, treating girls with respect (after you've made-out with them), Movies, Fashion and Puddle-Hopping in his first car.

Most importantly I have learned true forgiveness and have seen it in action and it has left me humbled and pretty much feeling like a piece of gum stuck on a janitor's black boot.

I've let a little bitterness go this year too. It wasn't exactly like getting punched in the gut which I had assumed it would feel like.

For 2011 - I'm not sure what's in store except my quest to eat more natural will be kicking me in the crotch and that pesky drinking more water goal will forever nag my muffin top. I hope to grow as a person spiritually, businessy (not a word) and emotionally.

In June we celebrated our one year anniversary and our four year dating anniversary. Frederick turned three years old and I turned 32. Tyrone isn't even 30 yet - next year is his year. I can't wait to give him all sorts of crap.

We didn't take a single vacation this year, how lame is that? I swear, next year we better at least go to Las Vegas or California. We did hike a bunch which is sort of like lots of mini vacations.

Best or most likely Worst posts of 2010 (in no particular order):

Alley Adventure- Pt. One, Two & Three

Tweet of the Year 
Serious Kanye always looks like he's hiding shit in his cheeks like gum balls

Next Year expect not much more except I am going to try and post more DIY projects and write more stories whether it be fiction or non-fiction. I also plan to collage more and focus on my shop. So hopefully that doesn't scare you away.

In the next few weeks I have a couple DIY projects, a shop update and on Saturday I announce my 365 photo project (hope you follow it) and so on...

Bring on 2011!!!


Anika said...

enjoyed this...

like your 365 too, it's very sharp looking

Happy new year!

Jennikunz said...

Peace out 2010... I never want to see your ugly stupid fetching face. Man I wish I could remember more good then bad! Praying for 2011!!

Janet Bocciardi said...

What a great post! Had me laughing and tearing up... life in all its toughness and softness displayed naked for all to see.

I guess one of my goals this year will be to open up a bit more and let folks see the crinkly getting spotted side... I wish it was my dogs I was talking about...

Happy New Year from your Secret Santa! I'm so glad SO HAPPY that you love the gift. Whew... Hope I caught your personality a bit.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Oh.. and I've added your blog to ones I follow on my blog so others can read the real...

yur fav ma said...

hey some fiction stories about yur world , that would be awesome , xoxoxo