September 1, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

I think we were so excited to go to Oktoberfest that we forgot to turn the radio on in the car. We sat anxiously the whole way up the canyon in silence...well almost Tyrone isn't capable of being quiet for more than two minutes. That's why I love him. He's a talker and I am not. You wouldn't guess that I'm not a talker by the way I run my mouth on here. I hate talking.

I couldn't get the thoughts of a giant german wiener accompanied by a peice of german chocolate cake out of my mind. I want to know the recipe to this cake because it is the best german chocolate cake I have ever had. The beer is not the reason we go to Oktoberfest. First of all it's in Utah and they only sell the local stuff or Bud & Bud Light. Ew.

We've gone the last two years (here and here) and have had a blast every time. Last year it was snowing like crazy. I love sitting and watching all of the elderly people dressed in lederhosen dancing around with their giant steins. Oh and making mean comments about all of the yuppies to myself in my head.

the wieners were so good they deserved two shots
Tyrone likes the beer that tastes like steak sauce. Uck!

This was the view on the way out of the canyon and we had a nice little playlist accompanying us.

LCD Soundsystem
George Micheal
4 Non Blondes - I rock the shit out of What's Up
Rob Bas and DJ E-Z Rock
The Dead Weather

And we spotted this beauty on the way out too.


Angela said...

I used to go to Oktoberfest every year as a kid and loved it. I think now that I'm all grown up and can actually appreciate it, I should go again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear goodness! I have never been to Oktoberfest, but I've always wanted to go! This is my year, right?

Stopping by to say hello from Lady Bloggers!

Happy September,

[Life of Meg]

Angela said...

FUN! We were up there hiking the day before the festivities when they were setting up. Looks like it was a good time... and that cake! I could eat an entire cake myself, I'm sure!

Jennikunz said...

That weiner scared i
me....only the pic would load at first. I was frightened.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

You know, even if you're not a beer drinker it's way fun. The food is reason is enough to go and they have tons of stuff for kids to do all be it expense though.

mom said...

oh my heck i need one of those weiners NOW!!! im drooling grrrrrrr