September 21, 2010

Weekly Confessional

Plan and do for yourself because no one is going to do it for you.
I'm taking these words of wisdom and applying them to my life for the next few months or so. I was thinking about the upcoming holidays and many birthdays that are approaching and was starting a wish list in my head but then I thought of this line and decided that I didn't want to be disappointed. Because I've set expectations on others that they were unaware of because I failed to mention them. We do this a lot as women and then end up getting all pissed off at the people (especially our significant others) in our lives when they didn't read our minds. I'm not talking about those times when others are just flat out jack asses and deserve a kick in the crotch. It's doesn't seem really fair at all, but if we don't give those jack asses any expectations to meet then they are less likely to disappoint us. I get so mad over hearing that because I feel that if I can do the things I am supposed to do then they should be able to as well. Letting that go is super hard for me to do because I am a Libra and we think all things should be fair and balanced. Those "free spirits" "free loaders" "selfish dicks" or whatever you like to call them shouldn't not deserve the satisfaction of getting under our skin.
If none of this made any sense just shrug it off. It's pretty much my own little therapy session.

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