September 7, 2010

Catch up and some ramblings

I've been catching up on all of my September catalogues. I am behind. I have to say that I never got my Lucky September issue and it really pisses me off. I got July, August and then here came October all pushy and what not. I checked out the new September issue of Free People last night and after reading it I had mixed signals. I was really inspired and yet at the same time I was left coveting a tall thin body with legs up to my armpits. Don't get me wrong I love reading and looking at what they do especially on their blog. Isn't that colorful braid just lovely? I like the bohemian look but I rarely incorporate it into my wardrobe. I have a very eclectic taste but it is mostly just comfortable. I love fashion but am really lazy at staying consistent with putting together ensembles. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love it but it's not on my priority list.
Moving on.
This weekend was nice, we went camping (that post will come later this week) and got some fun pictures. It was fun yet it seemed like emotions were a bit edgy at times. I think Tyrone and I are having a hard time dealing with things lately so we are a bit moody. When I walked in the door from camping I almost cried because I was so happy to be home.
I haven't mentioned this on here yet but Tyrone was let go from where I work. We only got to work together for a couple of months and now it's over. It's been extremely emotional. Not only do I have to deal with it at home but I have been dealing with it at work now too. It's been interesting - I'll leave it at that. I don't want to be a downer this morning.
Yesterday was so nice!! I went to a few thrift stores to check out the Labor Day sales but didn't turn up with anything. I did find a hoodie/jacket at Ross for only $8.99 that I did a DIY project with which I will be posting about soon. I also finished another Halloween slash Fall DIY project which I will also be posting about soon as well. We tried this Greek place by our house and it was to-die-for. I also played Gauntlet with Ty for a few hours because he suckered me in with the puppy-dog-eye stare. It was fun. I forget that I can have fun playing video games. I never play them anymore. We cleaned and got caught up with a few things and it just felt really, really nice to do all that in one day.
This morning I have been having a very intimate time with my cup of coffee at my desk trying to be invisible. It's already been super busy. Tuesdays after having a holiday off are the worst. It's like punishment for having a day off - what the EFF is that all about?
On a brighter note, in exactly 24 days I will be at the Blue October concert with three of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I honestly think I might cry during the entire show.
Happy Tuesday masquerading as a Monday.

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grace said...

I'm with you on the Free People thing. The clothes are cool, but why do all the models have to be freaks of nature?

Blue October. Love 'em.