September 20, 2010

DIY Fall Wreath on the spooky side

Have you every seen the movie The Birds? It's my mother's favorite movie - well if she were into some freaky shit it would be. Saying that my mom is terrified of birds is an understatement. She has a crazy phobia of them. It's weird because this doesn't include chickens. Plant a bunch of chickens in her backyard and she becomes a mother hen. She will befriend them give them all cute names until they overtake her yard and cover it in chicken shit at such rapid speeds she can't keep up with cleaning it. But take a harmless little brown bird who minds his own business that happens to fly over her head and she will jump as if a ghost groped her. And then picture us trying to coax her out from under the truck rocking back and forth crying "Take my scars! Take my scars!" (Haha, God! I love that movie. Best line ever in that movie.)

End of tangent.

Materials for your spooky fall wreath. This wreath isn't so spooky to me so it will be hanging in my living room for awhile. It's been up since the last week in August.

Materials? Okay fine here you go:
One grape vine wreathe any size
Sheet moss - almost one full package for one wreath
Hot glue
2 plastic ugly crows (I scored two at Dollar Tree)
Black ribbon
Black feathers

I started with the crows. I wanted them to have more feathers even though I KNOW crows don't really have bushy bottoms. I took a couple feathers and glued them to both crows and sat them aside.

Next, I started taking pieces of the sheet moss and glued them in various places on the grapevine wreath.

Next, I tied the ribbon in a fancy way at the top of the wreath.

Once all of the moss was in place just how I liked it I stuck the crows on. The crows I found had wires under their feet so I was able to attach them with that. If you can't find crows with wire on their feet then hot gluing them will work just fine and dandy.

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scardy-cat mommy said...

eeeeekkkk!!! birds!! yuck!!!!!