September 23, 2010

First Day of Autumn

It's official. I'm so excited for Autumn to be here. (posted this right on time too 12:02am MT)

Hoodies, sweaters, leggings, tights, and accidentally wearing your slippers to work because your feet can't bear to part with how comfortable they are. That actually happened a few times last year.

This is going to be a random post celebrating Autumn.

I want to repost The Halloween Hit List from last year. I made a few adjustments with a little help from my lovely cousin.

End Credits - from the Coraline Soundtrack
Thriller – MJ
This is Halloween – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
The Time Warp – from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
Blood On My Hands – Those Poor Bastards
The Doors – People Are Strange
Oogie Boogie Song – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
Coin-Operated Boy – The Dresdon Dolls
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
Fashion Zombies – The Aquabats
Voodoo – Godsmack
Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell On You) – Aqualung
Ghost Town – The Specials
Witchy Woman – Eagles
Halloween – The Misfits
Cemetery Polka – Tom Waits
Sally’s Song – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
Wonka’s Welcome Song – Danny Elfman (I like to throw this in on most of my playlists)
Jockey Full of Bourbon – Tom Waits
Exploration – from the Coraline soundtrack
This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
Salme Girls – Big D & The Kid’s Table
Dammit Janet – from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Halloween – D.M.B.
Party Time – 45 Grave, from the Night of the Living Dead
I Put a Spell o You – Marilyn Manson
Gloomy Sunday – Ricky Nelson
Every Day Is Halloween – Ministry
Hotel California – Eagles (this song has always creeped me out)
Human Fly – The Cramps
I Put A Spell On You – C.C.R.
This is Halloween – Panic At the Disco
Tranquilize- The Killers ft. Lou Reed
The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama

Any songs you want to add to this? I am open to suggestions!


This year I hope we get to
carve pumpkins
watch tons of horror movies
decorate for Halloween
drive up the canyon
drink eggnog
make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
and carrot cake
dress up the whole month of October
develop my ghost camera from last year
hope the property mgmt group doesn't fix the flickering light in the hallway so it's spooky for a long time

halloween 2007
We have a few birthdays during this month and next (including mine) and the next month after that.

halloween 2007 - he's pretty much the perfect Batman with those ears
I might sign up to run a 10k on Thanksgiving day but I might wuse out and only run a 5k or NOT at all.

I've read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow classic story (and watched the tim burton movie already a million times) and have read the classic horror story The Damned Thing by Ambrose Bierce. It was a perfect short read to set the mood for a fall night. I really liked it.

I've been going over some of my halloween posts and I realized I never posted about the years 2007 or 2008. Well I probably didn't post about 2007 because I don't think I was writing this blog back then and it's too late to think too hard about that one so I won't. The two years before 2009 were pretty awesome. In 2008 my mom totally kicked all of our asses with her costume. I just might post it.

Some pics from last year's Halloween.

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway (ends next Tues) if you haven't already. I think next Monday I'll have another cool DIY project to post about an easy costume for those who don't do the dress up thing. I'm def not one of those peeps.