September 28, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday


I found The Um Mom's blog via Kristen who does a Random Thoughts Tuesday post and decided to join in. That is her fugly button up there (her words not mine). Check out her blog if you haven't already she is so funny.

All day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday and when I realized it was only Monday I locked myself in the bathroom with a razor blade.

Because I thought it was Tuesday I sent out a tweet that said the Giveaway was ending soon which technically it is but not as soon as I almost ended it. Phew!

This morning a co-worker said, "Hi, you look different today. Looks like you're feeling better." I have makeup on FUCKER! I never wear makeup at work anymore and apparently this translates into me looking sick or that there is some sort of problem going on in my life. Have you ever had someone at work ask you if you're feeling okay? I'm not sure if there is anything that could piss me off more. I get this question when I haven't worn makeup or when I'm just flat out tired in the morning. THIS DOESN'T MEAN SOMETHING IS WRONG PEOPLE!!!

I'm on this horrible trend where I only do ONE load of dishes ONCE a week. This wouldn't be so bad if we ate out all of the time. We eat at home during the week all of the time so you can only image what my kitchen looks like. Because I only do one load a week that still leaves a whole stack of other dishes that I never get to do so therefore the vicious cycle never ends and my kitchen will forever stink like rotten milk. I bought a can of Pumpkin Pie room spray to help but my dishes still sit there rotting away. The worst part is that I don't care enough to do anything about them. A few weeks ago my mom came over did my dishes and cleaned up my whole kitchen like the cleaning machine that she is and it was totally awesome. I even tried to keep it up for as long as I could but I have since let it go to hell. I repeat - I am not Superwoman! I understand keeping my dishes tidy shouldn't require super powers but I need something super natural to get my butt up off of my craft chair.

I need a real vacation. I want to go to Disneyland for Halloween. It's so awesome there this time of year. It's crazy because when I walk into that place I get a calming feeling that comes over me and I get so happy. That is definitely the little kid in me.

I am excited for Glee tonight and that Britney Spears is going to be on it. That is definitely the lame person inside of me. A commercial came on last night for it and I got all giddy and in return I received a pretty gnarly eye roll and snide comment from Tyrone.

I found a Polaroid camera last night at the thrift store but it is broken BUT it also has a full case of SX-70 film in it. I wonder if it good or not?

I need to paint my fingernails and toes.

I am still longing to dye my hair red or auburn or black cherry. I am nervous because last time I tried this it didn't even take at all.

Hope you enjoyed Random Thoughts Tuesday!
Giveaway ends today! It's Tuesday right?


Kristen said...

Welcome to Random Tuesdays! Hope you enjoy it!

OH! I forgot about Glee tonight!! And Nathan's not home! SCORE!

I stopped wearing makeup to work too. But, I'm a hermit and only come out of my office to use the potty or microwave lunch, so nobody really knows if I'm looking any better or worse today.

Keely said...

I wear makeup almost every single day and I occasionally get a random, "Hey, you're wearing makeup today!"


brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Kristen - you and I are a lot alike.

Keely - thanks for stopping by and for starting a fun thing to do.

I get way too easily annoyed with people at work!