April 27, 2010

Weekly Confessional

I can't do it "all".
I am not Wonder Woman.
as much as I wish I were…
She does have some pretty kick-ass accessories.

I can't work a full time job, keep my house clean & tidy, cook diner every night and keep my husband sexually satisfied during the week while at the same time managing an awesome blog and constantly keeping up on all of my DIY projects. And that entirely still doesn't leave room for any relationships with family & friends. Who needs that right? That's why we have the internet; to replace any unnecessary human interaction.


And those of you who "pretend' to do all of the above while at the same time raising four kids can KISS MY ARSE!


I start so many projects and NEVER finish them. I have a basket of unfinished things that I wish I could work on all day. I sit at work and think of all of the creative things I'd rather be doing. I even make list after list and try to organize my time but


Why? Because, I enjoy my life. At least I try to.




I do work a full-time job although I do not have any children, my days manage to stay full. If I don't clean our apartment it will NEVER get clean unless Ty gets sick of eating off of moldy dishes he'll finally break down and do a load.


I am totally not bitching about Ty not helping out; it's just a reality that I've come to accept for a few reasons but one in particular. If he doesn't nag me to clean & cook then I don't nag him to either. I get to sit on my ass after work & watch TV and do whatever project I feel like doing at the moment with out fear of him thinking I'm a "bad wife" (That phrase just ruffles my feathers and brought up a whole other topic I could go and on about but I will resist)


It leaves me with this thought; doesn't it seem that in our culture the expectations of women have grown increasingly (we are expected to be wonder women) and expectations of men have lowered? Maybe I'm wrong and I'm proud that women are more and more being thought of as equals but I think we are expected to do it ALL.



Brittany said...

Very well said!!! We are expected to do it ALL, and it's not possible!! And, the ones that act like they do do it all, LIE! :)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks, I totally agree with you.