April 20, 2010

Aftermath - Mashed Potato Brains

Where to start? Hmmm…let me start with this:

Interchanging mind control,

Come let the revolution take it’s toll

If you could flick a switch and open your third eye,

You’d see that

We should never be afraid to die

(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back,

It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack

You know that their time’s coming to an end,

We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

-Uprising, Muse

This song is currently my after work Revolt! song that I crank up almost every day to assist me in releasing all of the crap I let build up and am unable to let out while in the office.

I was not feeling well this day which led me to be pretty grumpy because I just had to be sick the day of the concert. But, I am a super trooper so I sucked it up because I had a feeling this would be an evening to remember. Besides all of the incredible feedback I received from so many others I had my own inclination that I would be blown away.

I have one complaint and that is about the parking at the E center and the annoying fact that they charge $10 for event parking which leads to MANY stalls in their GIANT parking lot being EMPTY. There I said my peace.

We parked over at The IHOP and risked being towed. The weather was bad but didn’t seem as bad driving over there until we got out of the car. I grabbed my umbrella since I got all dolled up but that was a mistake. The wind was blowing so hard – not just regular blowing it was BLOWING SO HARD which makes it impossible to use an umbrella because they weren’t built to withstand it. On top of the wind it was raining AND snowing. It was flip-flopping back and forth between the two. Having had to ditch the umbrella by the time we got to the entrance of the venue we were totally drenched. My rarely styled hair was a mess and I looked like I was an emotional wreck with my mascara running down my face. This wasn’t your regular rain/snow storm; it pelted you in the face. Our faces were so bright red and sore (after the numbing seized) that any hopes of a decent picture of us was ruined. I was not happy about that – I have to have my adorable concert picture or the night is going to suck, period.

Well it was a good thing Silversun Pickups was already in the middle of their set by the time we sat down because my bad mood didn’t stand a chance against their performance. I’ve mentioned before how much live shows are very therapeutic for me. They sounded great and as they were leaving the stage for the night they warned us that if we enjoyed having any brains we should leave the show immediately because we would have none left after Muse was finished blowing them away.

Our brains were left completely obliterated and we enjoyed every minute of it.

“It was a visual orgasm” a direct quote from Ty who surprised me a few weeks ago with the tickets. It really was a visual multiple orgasm experience. They had the most visually appealing stage performance I have ever seen. I’ve been to a lot of shows and this was by far the coolest. Not only are they visually stimulating but they can also play an instrument beyond imaginable. Ty was blown away by their drummer (being a drummer himself) and not just because he was playing on a spinning pedestal but because he seemed to be a freaking genius at it. The lead singer is by far the most entertaining of the bunch (naturally) and that may be from his beautiful theatrical voice or the fact that he can tear it up himself quite fantastically. I felt as if I could be watching Freddie Mercury back in the 70’s. I know that is a big comparison to make and I am by no means saying that Matthew Bellamy is as good or (gasp!) better than Freddie, I just mean that in our day in age if there were someone that may come close that Matthew is the one. Although, I did hear a rumor over twitter that he was lip-syncing during the show. These gentlemen can put on a kick-ass show. I loved the bits of Led mixed in between songs and was thrilled to hear Knights of Cydonia close the show. (We video taped both encore songs they played-they sound great)

We were left SAA-TIS-FIED!!!

Anyhoo, I took some pretty cool pics, enjoy!

{drummer on his spinning pedestal}

{The laser show was SICK}

{These were giant eye balls that fell out of the ceiling and when they popped they were filled with glitter that fell all over the crowd}

{This idiot sitting next to me asked me who Silversun Pickups were (sigh) I resisted rolling my eyes and spitting on him when I answered. He was actually PLUGGING HIS EARS during most of the show and him and his “date” or maybe it was his sister, cousin, neighbor his mother set him up on, I don’t know, but they got up and left before the show was even done. WHUT-THA-FUGH?!!}

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