April 22, 2010

Bring Your Husband To Work Day Today

{the day before the end of our marriage}

So….today Tyrone came to work with me. It was “Bring Your Husband To Work Day” You didn’t know that?

Actually, he was hired on last week by my boss. I went against my better judgment (wink) and referred him. Why not? He did need a job and the opportunity was perfect timing.

I just couldn’t handle him not fully and truly understanding the pain I go through each day there. Misery loves company.

I can’t begin to tell you how many “looks” I get when people hear this.

“You’re going to work with your husband? I could NEVER work with my spouse.”

“I hope you enjoyed your marriage so far because from this point on it’s down hill for now.”

“Be prepared to sign divorce papers soon.”

That third one I threw in – no one actually said that to me but they might as well have.

I think we’ll be fine. Tyrone is my life’s balance and just maybe having him nearby me at the office will help me. You know, so that I don’t take the machete out of my bottom desk drawer and go Michael Bolton all over the whole office. (Yes I know he didn’t do anything close to that in the movie, but he should have. I can see it now – Office Space II, The Revenge of Michael Bolton - not the singer)

Oh, the stories that I’ll be able to write about now.

Last night we prepared ourselves by watching The Office on dvd since we will be the Jim & Pam (click on that link it's AWESOME) of our office now. Tyrone told me I am not allowed to call us Jim & Pam anymore because tonight on the new episode he saw them driving a Subaru - THAT'S ALL! A freaking car, but apparently the stupidest car in the entire universe. Sorry yuppies, my husband is a bit biased.

I wanted to celebrate and ring in our new working relationship (or the end of our relationship period) by getting cupcakes at So Cupcake not far from our house. I heard good things about them plus I love any chance I can get to substitute frosting for dinner. They weren't bad and believe me we had no problem finishing them but I've had better and for 10 bucks for FOUR little guys I wasn't too impressed. The best flavor we both agreed on was the banana one and next to that was the raspberry lemonade. Unimpressed with red velvet & cherry cheesecake. Now I'm a food critic! Aren't we all!!

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