April 21, 2010

Playing Ketchup

Or catch up.

Our calendars the last few weeks have been jam packed full except that every day something that was suppose to happen would end up getting cancelled. But we were pretty good at finding things to replace them pretty quickly (unintentionally).

The week of the Muse concert was really busy. I went to a conference with my parents and some friends for Zija. They had Alli Vincent from the Biggest Loser (first female winner) speak and her mother was there with her (her mom sells Zija and is hilarious). They are quite a pair and I have to say I was pretty motivated after hearing them speak. Her tagline is Believe it. Be it. I am going to try and start embracing that idea. I don't watch that show, EVER, because I like to steer away from reality as much as possible. Plus, the last time I watched it I was sitting in my bed with a bowl clear FULL of vanilla ice cream with Nesquick sprinkled on top (don't mock it till you try it). Thanks Mom for taking me!

I did buy some candy cigarettes like I said I would.

I was finally able to make one dream a reality by buying a bike. Check out my new toy - isn't she a beauty? It's not purple and gold but the vanilla color will do just fine. It's a vintage inspired Schwinn beach cruiser. I so badly wanted to redo an old one (my parents even have two REALLY olds ones in their back yard) but Ty talked me out of it. By the time I redid one it would probably take me too much time and cost more than this new one did. So I broke and bought a brand new one. You want to feel like a kid again? Buy a bike and put a basket on it. I haven't had a bike since I was 10, no kidding, and ridding it has been pure JOY. Bliss. Nostalgic. And very Thug.

Another thing I did that reminded me of when I was a kid was I finally got a SLC library card. I can finally cross it off of my list. I am pretty stoked to finally use it.

The weekend before last was my little (actually freaking HUGE) brother's birthday. He has become quite the man and has the most adorable son. They also got a new dog (that makes two doggies for them) and four baby chicks. They have become a family of nine in less than a year. I wish them luck. On a side note, our extended family has become over ran with dogs.
Saturday was the bass player for S.T.T.'s birthday so they had a little jam session and we all hung out while they played. Good times.

{Colby and his awesome Worm moves}

Lately we've made some tasty dinners.

Played outside a bunch.

Have had the Sweat It Out mix-tape on repeat.

I have made a bunch of crafts and have finished a few of projects. (will post them soon)

We want to get a new dog - cross your fingers the perfect dog comes our way. We want a french bulldog but they are way too expensive (breeders should not be allowed to charge what they do for ANY dog). We really want to adopt one (or another boston terrier) that is two years or older. And YES this may be just a temporary substitute for a baby (of human decent) of our own but if you can tell me how to make this happen any quicker then please I WELCOME your suggestions.

Sunday we went on a bike ride with my parents down Provo canyon. Tyrone likes to fly down on his long board. I'll post more about this later. I got some fun pics.

Pretty sure I left out a lot.

Have a happy Wednesday! Only a few days left of the week.


Anonymous said...

love the pix of the little chunck-nut hagen, sooo cute and yes we were overun with dogs , when cori brought her new pup over and of course bobo also, haha good times

little ms. sassy shelby said...

omg Hagen is adorable! and so is that black and white puppy, I want to squeeze it.

Where did you get your bike? Cost(if you don't mind me asking)? I want one and yours is so cute.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I got the bike at Target for around $179. They have tons online and cheaper ones too.