April 5, 2010

DIY Thrift Store Frames

So the frames I mentioned before that I was working on?

Well here they are now all finished.
You can't tell from the pictures but this pink is the brightest neon pink I've ever seen. It like totally pops [insert valley girl accent here]!!!
{I found this frame with this picture of a joshua tree in it. It is so old and you can tell someone took it and developed it a long time ago. I almost threw it out but I quickly got attached to it}
I'm still adding to our bedroom wall and since we just signed another 9 month lease I have time to keep it going.
{I should have straightened the pictures before I took this}

I love projects like this; cheap and easy. I love going in to the thrifts stores and finding things I can put my own spin on.

The gold frame has yet to be finished yet too but I've got something good cooking for it. I am looking for a really old gold gaudy ugly frame so if you see one let me know.
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