November 28, 2012

The Hostile

Because that's what I feel like we live in, a hostile. We share a bathroom, kitchen and living area what else would you call it. Our room is the walkway to the basement so the occasional foreigner does have to walk through our only "private" space we have. It's like I'm back in high school and my car is the only safe haven I have. So many internal issues going on. But in all this we are making progress on our plan so I have to stay focused and breathe.

A bit of a mess at first but we finally made it homey.
Our little avocado tree is growing so fast since we moved. It's even bigger than this now.

In My Brain - How's it going?

I have not caught up with The Walking Dead so do not say a word about it. I need to watch last week's episode and as much as I love Twitter I've had to be cautious in reading as to not let anyone give anything away.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will allow back-and-forth regarding this week's Dexter. Oh. Man.

I heard this morning on the radio that Joseph Gordan Levitt may show up in a quick cameo as Batman in the new Man of Steel movie to introduce him for the new Justice League movie. Maybe I was confused at the end of the last Dark Knight movie, but I though they introduced him as Robin? Anyone want to chime in on this?

In other move news I can't wait until The Hobbit comes out in just a few short weeks. I found an old copy of the book that and I want to attempt to bang it out before the movie opens up. I doubt it. I'm a huge slacker on my reading this year. Remember when I made a goal to read more during the year 2012? Bwahahahaha............................ I want to take all day Saturday and read that damn book though. If I can get through one third of the book before December 14th I think that should be fine right? Because they are splitting it up into 3 movies. I have 3 years to read this book I guess. My procrastinating brain loves that.

I've bought a lot of makeup lately. I blame all of the makeup tutorials I've been watching on YouTube. I may need an intervention. You know, that might make a good reality TV show. "YouTube Intervention; A woman's addiction to makeup tutorials." What do you think? It would start with me waking up on a Saturday morning with my cup of hazelnut coffee, ear buds in, and solemnly watching video after video making lists of all the makeup I need to buy. Cut to a sneak peak of episode two where I'm breaking down in the middle of the makeup aisle in Target and Tyrone is dragging me out the door screaming and kicking and sobbing uncontrollably as tubes of mascara fall out of every pocket on my person.

I would totally watch that.

My horoscope for the day:

You are projecting an aura of calm today -- so what if deep down inside you are frazzled and frayed? Focus more on what people perceive you to be, not on who you really are -- especially since what they are going to perceive will be so helpful to your reputation! Accept all compliments and don't even think about making any self-deprecating jokes. As far as you're concerned, you believe that you are as big a rock star as everyone else says you are.

Pretty much right on the money. I did wake up projecting an aura of calm...until I sat down in my cubicle.

I have my eye on this camera. I think I'm opting against an SLR. I have my reasons, most of them are out of pure laziness and my squeaky pocket.

Peace out, Beatrices!

November 27, 2012

DIY Swiss Cross Print

Before we moved, back in the beginning of September I made these pillows for our bedroom. I love the trendy swiss cross print and have swooned over it for quite some time now but I couldn't afford most of the items I had my eyes on so I ventured over into crazy town and made my own. I mean, come on, someone who is moving in to their parent's house shouldn't be paying too much for a blanket (but I so very much want it)
I rummaged through the pile of fabric scraps I have accumulated and whipped up these beauties. OK that sounded very annoying. I didn't just whip them up all quick like a pro and what-not. They took me awhile to finally finish, trust me. My favorite one is the hand-stamp patterned rectangle shaped pillow. The blue one is really like a turquoise color and is made out of this soft vintage velvet fabric. The hardest one was the small square velvet and crocheted one. I had this small crochet square that from an old project that I had started but never finished. Sewing the velvet to the crocheted piece was challenging but it turned out alright. Anyways, five new pillows for a new bedroom in our "new" "home"

I had fun making yet another stamp for printing. I really like doing this and I have to say that I want to keep doing it but I more than like won't be hand-stamping anything soon. 

Do you like?

November 12, 2012

DIY Lightening Bolt Print

First I made a lightening bolt stamp out of an erasure like I did here for my handmade boston print shirt and here for my flag & skull stamps. I've been meaning to post this since September right before we moved, in fact I have a few projects that I did before we moved that I want to show you and one of them has to do with another freaking stamp.

they're very 90's mom jeans and stretchy too!!

Staz - on ink is awesome because you can use it for fabric and it won't wash out easily. I've washed these shorts now quite a few times and they still look great. I thought of this idea because I wanted these white skinnies with black lightening bolts on them but missed out on them because I did not jump on that quick enough. So I made my own version because that's WHAT I DO.


I found the shorts at the Goodwill for 3$. They're a bit oversized but perfect for a casual day which is pretty much everyday for me. I barely try at work anymore. I just do. not. care. Bring on the maternity jeans for this non-pregnant gal. I'll rock' em!

It does take some time to stamp them and if you're super anal (which I am NOT) and think you have to have every bolt lined up perfectly then this step might take you forever. I let the ink on my shorts dry over night before I wore them just to be safe.

November 9, 2012

In My Brain

Hello Winter, you cold, heartless Bitch.

It's Winter here in Utah now. We've had the warmest Fall and it was nice but our good friend who we love to hate is finally upon us.Snow bunnies rejoice!

I haven't had a good heart-to-heart on here in awhile. I plan on talking about our move soon now that I've gotten over the jolt of it, finally after a month.

I have two our commute now to add to my day. I was spoiled before when I only lived 7 miles away from work. My commute was the. best. I cruised up and down State street watching all of the vagrants, hookers and addicts for entertainment. It was incredible. I loved it. Now, I get stew in my hatred of every Utah driver on I15 for two hours everyday. It's eating at my sanity. I'm not trying to over-dramatic but my mental stability is suffering due to this. It's not quite worth the free rent. By the time I get home I do not want to do anything. I don't work on my shop, I barely blog and I have not been slacking in the crafty department. That does not sit well with me. I sit at my desk all day and barely move unless it's to pee or go to lunch. Oh, I can't leave out the times I get up and pick up something form the printer.. I should be lucky I even get to do that. What am I complaining about? I''m so ungrateful.

My house has power and isn't under water so I should really shut my mouth. I know this. Our work has been directly impacted by hurricane Sandy and those of us on the west coast have had to pick up the slack with smiles on our faces. (That honestly wasn't mean to have any sarcastic tone, I feel like at this point in our relationship, since you've become to know me, I should clarify that.) The stress of the storm has been really hard to handle not being able to help co-workers who are struggling to get through it. I know helping out at work is all I can do but you want to be able to put your arm around them and help them face-to-face.

I do have good news on the cancer front as far as my FIL goes. It looks like they caught it early enough that they will be able to just remove his prostate and not have to go through chemo or radiation. Thank God!

Thanksgiving will be here soon, so that is good. A day off of work and a whole day to pig out. I love it. It's my second favorite holiday next to Halloween. I wish after it was over I could hibernate until March. Maybe by that time I will be moved out of my parent's house? I would love that.

I have to say that I'm so glad the election is over. The ads were slowly killing me and the many, many robo calls I received were driving me to Canada. I also have to say that I'm so glad I have a family where I'm able to have my own opinions about who I vote for. I'm thankful that I'm not persuaded or bullied in my own family into who I "should" be voting for and that I don't have to keep it a secret in order to keep from being ridiculed. We all have different opinions and are able to express them with out getting into horrible fights. So thankful. I honestly feel for those who do not have that freedom in their own families.

And Lastly, The Walking Dead...ohmuhgawwwwwd.

November 3, 2012


So I get this text from Ty just now while he's at band practice, telling me to check this song out because  "it is so you bubba"

My new theme song...Thrift Shop! He says, "it's your life song"

So, Halloween was nice

zipper face & Wednesday

I Kat Von D'd my mom all up, well her face but she did her outfit and hair.
It was really fun putting makeup on her. 

 Let's slap a bloody vag on that face...sorry couldn't resist, but really look at that shit. OMG.

my costume was last minute, I had planned going as a zombie hence the zombie lunch bag I made but when it came time to wake up at 5am to put the makeup on before work I just couldn't do it and since my outfits aren't totally off the mark when it comes to depressed little girls I thought hey why not? Wednseday Addams it is.

never want Halloween to end...

DIY Skull Patches!

My original plan for my old hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil tee was to just revamp it it's self  but my first attempt didn't go so well. It was starting to get sort of dingy because I wore it so much. I wanted to cut up both sides of the tee and and add lace each side but I could not get it to work no matter how hard I tried. Ok, confession, I didn't try that hard, I tried putting lace up one side and ended up gluing the wrong sides together and totally ruined the shape of the shirt. I couldn't totally let it go tot waist so I decided to make patches out the skulls and add them to a hoodie. I couldn't find the right hoodie to add them to but I did find this fleece peacoat at the goodwill and it was only $6 so I decided to march on with it. Besides, fleece is nice for cold weather and it really is one cozy jacket. The jacket is originally from mold navy.

This is not a Halloween jacket. I plan on wearing this till I hate it. I did wear it a lot in October so I think people thought it was for that but it isn't. Fools.

Here's a couple before shots of the jacket.

This gist: take a tee shirt that has a graphic on it that you love and cut it out, then either sew that straight on to whatever you want be it a jacket, another tee, a tote, or some cut-offs. You can make into a real patch by adding iron on adhesive to the back of it like I did here, here, and here.

 I cut out my skulls and added some backing to to make them appear really white and then I used fabric-tac glue to add them to a dark gray colored fabric to give them more dimension. Lastly, I pinned them in place where I wanted them then started sewing away.
{I didn't sew them in proper order...oh well.}

still some of my favs:
DIY Punk Vest
Tee Revamp - John Cusack's face
DIY Chevron Tee

November 2, 2012

fridays with fred

I think the black pattern of his fur on his back looks like a heart sometimes.
Especially when I literally draw one on the back of it eh?

It's November, yowzers.