November 12, 2012

DIY Lightening Bolt Print

First I made a lightening bolt stamp out of an erasure like I did here for my handmade boston print shirt and here for my flag & skull stamps. I've been meaning to post this since September right before we moved, in fact I have a few projects that I did before we moved that I want to show you and one of them has to do with another freaking stamp.

they're very 90's mom jeans and stretchy too!!

Staz - on ink is awesome because you can use it for fabric and it won't wash out easily. I've washed these shorts now quite a few times and they still look great. I thought of this idea because I wanted these white skinnies with black lightening bolts on them but missed out on them because I did not jump on that quick enough. So I made my own version because that's WHAT I DO.


I found the shorts at the Goodwill for 3$. They're a bit oversized but perfect for a casual day which is pretty much everyday for me. I barely try at work anymore. I just do. not. care. Bring on the maternity jeans for this non-pregnant gal. I'll rock' em!

It does take some time to stamp them and if you're super anal (which I am NOT) and think you have to have every bolt lined up perfectly then this step might take you forever. I let the ink on my shorts dry over night before I wore them just to be safe.

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kendahl said...

So cute! I love lightning bolt anything. It's at the top of my list for my next tattoo.