November 9, 2012

In My Brain

Hello Winter, you cold, heartless Bitch.

It's Winter here in Utah now. We've had the warmest Fall and it was nice but our good friend who we love to hate is finally upon us.Snow bunnies rejoice!

I haven't had a good heart-to-heart on here in awhile. I plan on talking about our move soon now that I've gotten over the jolt of it, finally after a month.

I have two our commute now to add to my day. I was spoiled before when I only lived 7 miles away from work. My commute was the. best. I cruised up and down State street watching all of the vagrants, hookers and addicts for entertainment. It was incredible. I loved it. Now, I get stew in my hatred of every Utah driver on I15 for two hours everyday. It's eating at my sanity. I'm not trying to over-dramatic but my mental stability is suffering due to this. It's not quite worth the free rent. By the time I get home I do not want to do anything. I don't work on my shop, I barely blog and I have not been slacking in the crafty department. That does not sit well with me. I sit at my desk all day and barely move unless it's to pee or go to lunch. Oh, I can't leave out the times I get up and pick up something form the printer.. I should be lucky I even get to do that. What am I complaining about? I''m so ungrateful.

My house has power and isn't under water so I should really shut my mouth. I know this. Our work has been directly impacted by hurricane Sandy and those of us on the west coast have had to pick up the slack with smiles on our faces. (That honestly wasn't mean to have any sarcastic tone, I feel like at this point in our relationship, since you've become to know me, I should clarify that.) The stress of the storm has been really hard to handle not being able to help co-workers who are struggling to get through it. I know helping out at work is all I can do but you want to be able to put your arm around them and help them face-to-face.

I do have good news on the cancer front as far as my FIL goes. It looks like they caught it early enough that they will be able to just remove his prostate and not have to go through chemo or radiation. Thank God!

Thanksgiving will be here soon, so that is good. A day off of work and a whole day to pig out. I love it. It's my second favorite holiday next to Halloween. I wish after it was over I could hibernate until March. Maybe by that time I will be moved out of my parent's house? I would love that.

I have to say that I'm so glad the election is over. The ads were slowly killing me and the many, many robo calls I received were driving me to Canada. I also have to say that I'm so glad I have a family where I'm able to have my own opinions about who I vote for. I'm thankful that I'm not persuaded or bullied in my own family into who I "should" be voting for and that I don't have to keep it a secret in order to keep from being ridiculed. We all have different opinions and are able to express them with out getting into horrible fights. So thankful. I honestly feel for those who do not have that freedom in their own families.

And Lastly, The Walking Dead...ohmuhgawwwwwd.

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kendahl said...

Fuck winter. One day in and I'm hating it already.

I'm sorry about the commute. It seriously sucks camel dick. I'm about an hour every day and about 2.5 hours on the days I pick Hailey up and it blows. At least the freeway is finally done; now we just need to get the Utah drivers off of it and we'll be good to go.

I'm really glad to hear about your FIL! Cancer is seriously the biggest asshole.

I love Thanksgiving, too, although for me it goes Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving. :)

I really need to start The Walking Dead.