November 28, 2012

In My Brain - How's it going?

I have not caught up with The Walking Dead so do not say a word about it. I need to watch last week's episode and as much as I love Twitter I've had to be cautious in reading as to not let anyone give anything away.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will allow back-and-forth regarding this week's Dexter. Oh. Man.

I heard this morning on the radio that Joseph Gordan Levitt may show up in a quick cameo as Batman in the new Man of Steel movie to introduce him for the new Justice League movie. Maybe I was confused at the end of the last Dark Knight movie, but I though they introduced him as Robin? Anyone want to chime in on this?

In other move news I can't wait until The Hobbit comes out in just a few short weeks. I found an old copy of the book that and I want to attempt to bang it out before the movie opens up. I doubt it. I'm a huge slacker on my reading this year. Remember when I made a goal to read more during the year 2012? Bwahahahaha............................ I want to take all day Saturday and read that damn book though. If I can get through one third of the book before December 14th I think that should be fine right? Because they are splitting it up into 3 movies. I have 3 years to read this book I guess. My procrastinating brain loves that.

I've bought a lot of makeup lately. I blame all of the makeup tutorials I've been watching on YouTube. I may need an intervention. You know, that might make a good reality TV show. "YouTube Intervention; A woman's addiction to makeup tutorials." What do you think? It would start with me waking up on a Saturday morning with my cup of hazelnut coffee, ear buds in, and solemnly watching video after video making lists of all the makeup I need to buy. Cut to a sneak peak of episode two where I'm breaking down in the middle of the makeup aisle in Target and Tyrone is dragging me out the door screaming and kicking and sobbing uncontrollably as tubes of mascara fall out of every pocket on my person.

I would totally watch that.

My horoscope for the day:

You are projecting an aura of calm today -- so what if deep down inside you are frazzled and frayed? Focus more on what people perceive you to be, not on who you really are -- especially since what they are going to perceive will be so helpful to your reputation! Accept all compliments and don't even think about making any self-deprecating jokes. As far as you're concerned, you believe that you are as big a rock star as everyone else says you are.

Pretty much right on the money. I did wake up projecting an aura of calm...until I sat down in my cubicle.

I have my eye on this camera. I think I'm opting against an SLR. I have my reasons, most of them are out of pure laziness and my squeaky pocket.

Peace out, Beatrices!

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kendahl said...

Twitter is THE DEVIL when it comes to TV. If you aren't watching it when it airs on public television they'll basically spoil the entire world for you.

They did introduce my boyfriend (Joseph Gordon Leavitt) as Robin in the last movie which is why I was confused as to how they cast him as Batman in the next movies... Weird casting choice but I love him so it's okay.

I might be seeing The Hobbit with my work (for free); would you want to go with me? I know Correy won't want to.

They could totally do a special edition of Hoarders for you and your makeup tutorials. Then they have to come to my house and make me stop buying fingernail polish.

If you're serious about not wanting an SLR then fine but right now you could find a Canon T3i for DAMN CHEAP right now, and that camera makes my heart flutter. I wish my T2i had the stupid rotating viewing screen. Dammit.